Inquiry for 0.35T and 0.5T manaul lift table from U.S.

Keyword:manaul lift table   Time:2021-3-3 12:15:32

Customer: I would like delivered pricing on an MLT0035 lift table, as well as an MLT005. Shipped to Colorado, USA. Also please give me a lead time to receive the product.
Also, I would like clarification on the minimum height and the maximum height of each table as the specifications on the information did not seem correct.
Type        Capacity (t) |  Min.Height  |  Max.Height 
MLT0035   0.35               1300                350
MLT005     0.5                  960                 325
I am assuming that these specifications are in mm and are just reversed.
Please clarify these specifications for me.

RAMHOIST: you are correct, they are reversed.
MLT0035: 280 US $/unit
MLT005: 350 US $/unit
Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee: 160 USD
sea freight to your nearest port DENVER: 200 USD
your estimated custom clearance cost: 300 USD
lead time: 15 days