Inquiry for vacuum tube lifter for 30kg plastic pails from Chile

Keyword:vacuum tube lifter for 30kg plastic pails   Time:2021-3-5 8:46:59

Customer: My name is Catalina I work in Rheem – Chile
I’m currently looking for a vertical lift assistance machine similar to this.
I need to lift 30kg easily, mainly to lift plastic pails.
Do you have an alternative?
I need to pick up plastic pails.
Is that OK? The weight is up to 30KG
And it has a round Lid on the top where I need to place the tube. Is this ok? 

RAMHOSIT: May i know grip from side or top? 

Customer: Top! 

RAMHOSIT:That is a simple application, would you like to grip one pail or two pails in one time? Also, do you have any explosion class request? Some of painting factory need explosion protection class by 2BT4 

Customer: Just one pail at a time. What’s an explosion class Request? 

RAMHOSIT: The air in working environment contains gas which may cause explosion by spark or temperature Customer: I never heard about this before.
I have several injection machines in the same area, and regularly temperatures would rise up to 45°celsius
Please let me know if we need to consider this, Of course we don’t want to risk an accident. 

RAMHOIST: 45 degree is ok, our cup can be afford to maximum 90 degrees
about explosion, it is ok, I just want to cofirm our machine can be fit all request 

Customer:First I need a quotation I know the situation in china is difficult atm.
So the best possible date works 

RAMHOIST: we have already works, do not worry.
may i know the lifting height and working distance if you need jib crane?
below is the drawing we design for you

drawing we designed for vacuum tube lifter for 30kg plastic pails.jpg

Customer: I do need a Jib crane, and working distance 2 mts maximum and height 1,50 mts RAMHOIST: Vacuum lifter: 3600 USD
Jib crane: 2100 USD
the price is based on FOB china. Customer: Please send technical specifications to evaluate the product you are offering. 

RAMHOIST: pls check the tecnical specification on this link:
pls check the video:

Customer: Could you send further specifications?
I have sort of a booklet to present from the other offer and from you almost nothing.
I need materials, sizes, power, all details… please if you are able to send it I would appreciate.
Talk me on whatsapp and  I can explain further if you have any doubt.

RAMHOIST:  the above link is for two hand operation, if you need one hand operaton, pls let me know
Pls check the manual in this link: