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Customer: Please send quotation Air-Powere Dock leveler size:
W2200mm X L2150mm X H500mm: 35set, capacity 6000kg, option 2: 8000kg
35 sets, FOB Cat Lai Port, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Date:   Mar.16th, 2021






Total amount

 Air bag Stationary Dock Leveler

 1.Load Capacity:6.0ton

 2.Platform Size:2200*2150mm

 3. Up +300mm Down -300m

 4. 220V 50HZ 1phase






Sales Conditions:

Payment Terms

50% T/T in advance, 50%T/T before delivery.


Standard export package

Delivery Time

15-30 working days after advance payment .


1 year warranty (not including wear parts)

Validity of the   quotation

Price validity to Apr10th. 2021.


Specifications and Configurations of Air bag Stationary Dock Leveler

Platform Size


Overall size


Pit size


Load Capacity

8.0 ton

Lip Board

400mm, 20mm steel plate

Adjusting Height

Up 300mm, down 300mm

Platform Plate

8mm Q235B Steel checkered plate

Power Unit

1.5KW,220V/50Hz/Single phase

Electric control

External electric control box, equipped with power switch, one-touch button, leakage protection, with waterproof and dustproof functions.




Lifting system

1)   Double airbag lifting system.

2)   Adopting the principle of low pressure and high volume inflation, the maximum pressure is 0.1 atmosphere, and the pressure is automatically balanced.

3)   The air bag is made of industrial polyester fiber material.

4)   The air bag should be strictly chemically resistant and resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

5)   The air bag shall be subjected to chemical treatment strictly to prevent damage by insects and dental animal.

6)   Use times 200,000 times.

7)   Working temperature: -50to +65.

8)   Material breaking strength, welding strength and adhesion resistance to hydrostatic force, tested by cold crack temperature.

9)   The equipment availability is greater than 99%.


1)   The motor is designed with a safety filter to prevent dust.

2)   The motor itself can automatically clean the filter screen by air return.

Motor power: 1.5KW; power supply: 220V/50Hz

Body guards on both   sides

Automatic expansion and contraction to ensure safety.

Anti-collision glue

2 pieces/set; specifications: 100mm×200mm×300mm.

Surface treatment process

high-standard sandblasting or shot blasting process must be carried out before painting to eliminate internal stress formed in the welding process of the equipment.

Support beam skeleton structure

A total of 8 "L"-shaped steels are arranged longitudinally, and open hinged joints are welded to the end plates. Strength guarantee.






1)   Vertical working range: 300MM above the platform, 300MM below the platform; and ensure sufficient lifting height to ensure that the loose leaf can be fully extended before contacting the bottom of the truck bed, which can achieve secondary height adjustment.

2)   Automatic vertical adjustment: The board surface and loose leaf can be automatically adjusted up or down with the bottom of the truck during loading and unloading.

3)   Loose-leaf layup operation: Loose-leaf layup is automatically extended to the bottom of the truck bed; extension length: not less than 400mm, outside the self-collision rubber pad: not less than 300mm.

4)   The operation of the loading and unloading platform to the place below the cargo deck is also automatically completed. No more manual control is required.


The structural design should be able to prevent deformation during operation; the front end of the loose- leaf slab must be grooved to reduce the damage to the tire of the material handling equipment.

Rear connection board

The rear of the unloading platform is equipped with a fixed rear page safety design to avoid gaps or bumps at the rear of the unloading platform due to unbalanced loading and unloading of the truck.

Technical drawing of Air-Powered Dock leveler (Air bag Stationary Dock Leveler)

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Site phtos of Air-Powered Dock leveler (Air bag Stationary Dock Leveler)

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