Vacuum Tube Lifters for 50kg sack from Pakistan

Keyword:50kg sack   Time:2021-3-21 10:17:38

Customer: I need the price and specifications of this product, please send me more details.
What’s the min. order quantity?
Could you send me product catalogs with more details for reference?
Looking forward to your quick reply.

RAMHOIST: Standard Vacuum lifter for 50kg sack: USD 4,550.00  (FOB china)    
techncial details:

Customer: I'm interested in your offer but I need it in Pakistan, so is it possible you have me a proper quotation including cargo dispatch charges ... This way I can convince my clint easily.
Second send me complete profile+ technical details, pictures and installation manual. 

RAMHOIST: could we send to KARACHI port and you pick up in KARACHI port?
company profile:
techncial details:
installation manual:

Customer: Yes that can be done...  If you make an arrangement till Karachi.. We will take it from there..

RAMHOIST: cost + cargo charges till Karachi = 4,550.00 + 150 = 4700 USD Customer: Do you have any video regarding it's manual, technical details, operation and installation...?  
My client needs a brief presentation because his company is planning to buy more than one (1) unit.
That's why they asked me for detail briefing with proper presentation in front of their procurement and technical department.. 

RAMHOIST: Regret we do not have video for that. 

Customer: Is this device have warranty for parts or something?? 

RAMHOIST: Warranty for all device and parts for 1 year 

Customer: Refer to the meeting we held regarding the subject item with our client yesterday, following are the minutes on which they want your comments....
1_ Vendor will confirm the VERITY of the bags be easily lifted through the manipulator e.g. polyethylene, paper bag, plastic and etc.
2_ It Will elaborate the Warranty along with the period.
3_ The holding capacity/time of the bag in case of power failure.
Please answer the mentioned above questions..

RAMHOIST: Thanks for your comments, pls see our answers follow your questions:
1. The lifting time depends bags materials, for example, plastic bags must be easier lifting than poly, there is another important item, this is the bags filling level, if bags are full filled, will easier handling than half filling
2. We offer customer 1 year guaranteed for common parts, the vacuum seal excepted, it is easier damaged, and piece is about $150
3. The holding time since power failed to bag touch to ground, is more than 5 seconds, however, the bag will go down at slow speed
Besides, the price we offered before is the Standard Vacuum lifter, It does not include Jib crane, pls keep me informed if you need jib crane.

Standard Vacuum lifter for 50kg sack.jpg

Customer: Thanks for reply...  Our clint is also interested in Jib Crane. Please share the price for Jib Crane as well. 

RAMHOIST: Standard Jib crane 2300 USD
Stand jib crane
Maximum loads: 125kg
Total height: 3600mm
Working height: 3000mm
Jib length: 3000mm
Jib model: 200*200 square steel pipe
Sliding track: 6063T aluminum alloy, by profile dimensions 75*200mm
Rotation degree: 270°
Loading slid trolley: 1 piece
Cable connection slid trolley: 3 pieces

Customer: Please share the picture of Jib crane you describe in your mail 


jib crane of vacuum tube lifter.jpg
In the red circled, it is standard jib crane, some customer make this by themselves and do not need this.
The other part which not in the red circled is standard lifter.