Inquiry for Drywall lift, Hand Pallet truck and Electric Pallet Stacker from Romania

Keyword:Drywall lift, Hand Pallet truck and Electric Pallet Stacker   Time:2021-3-21 15:59:55

Customer: we are interested to buy a 40" container with the following goods, please make us a price quotation.
84289090   Drywall lift   - 200 
HPT025B  Hand Pallet truck   2,5 ton, yellow  - 100
EPS012/31  - 1 pc


84289090   Drywall lift   - 200    76 USD/unit (3.35m)

HPT025B  Hand Pallet truck   2,5 ton, yellow  - 100      128 USD/unit (Fork outer width 685mm, Nylon wheel)

EPS012/31  - 1 pc       2250 USD


Please make us the offer for HPT025A (Fork outer width 550 mm)

We are accepting the offer for 84289090 and EPS012/31 - 
Please estimate the maximum quantity which can be loaded on a 40" HQ container for 84289090 together with HPT025A  - 100 pieces and one piece for EPS012/31

RAMHOIST:  HPT025A     123 USD/unit  (Fork outer width 550 mm, Nylon wheel)
estimate quantity is 400 pcs  for 84289090

Customer: Hi, given the fact that there will be  400 pcs  for 84289090, can you a little bit revise the price?
i'm asking due to the fact that sea freights are to a total fucking level and we will need to face the competition of the German sellers....
So, there will be on a 40" HQ, please confirm that all together can be loaded on a container :
400 pcs  for 84289090
100 pcs for HPT025A
1 pc       for EPS012/31  


Hand pallet truck 2.5T for 6 pcs a package (without pallet)3.jpg

Hand pallet truck 2.5T for 6 pcs a package (without pallet)

loading of Drywall lift.jpg

loading of drywall lift3 (1).jpg

the Measured width of Drywall lift (3.35m).jpg

the Measured height of Drywall lift (3.35m).jpg

2 % discount if receiving 50% advance payment and 3% discount if receiving 100 % 
in theory, a 40HQ, with the volume 76CBM, Hand pallet truck volume is 16.128+0.644=16.8CBM, with ESP volume is 4.1CBM, the volume for single drywall lift is 0.12CBM,  (76-16.8-4.1)/0.12=459 set, so i thinks loading 400 pcs is enough
but, when i put them in drawing (attached), i find only 324 pcs can be loaded, pls check whether there is better loading way.

drawing for loading (40HQ).pdf

Customer: a last question, what will be the estimated finishing duration after paying the deposit?

RAMHOIST: 40 days

Customer: Hi Yang, we will pay 50% deposit
Please issue the proforma in order to make the payment

RAMHOIST: The PI has sent to you email

Customer: please change the HPT025B to HPT025A 

regarding the 324 pcs 84289090   Drywall lift (3.35m) - we want to make a full loading of the container as sea freight costs are fucking huge for the moment. Is there any possibility that if there 324 pcs are not enough, to load the container completely?

are there any finished articles i your warehouse with which you can load the container by full?

can you make us an offer also a offer for spare partsf or HPT02 5A  Hand Palett truck, please see picture in attachment on what SET of spare parts I'm meaning, these are missing on our market and are necesarry to make repairs.

Do you have in the offer also the truck for used to carry the plasterboards - please see from picture 2 to picture 4? If yes, we are also on it and please make price offer and pictures that you have

Sorry for bothering you with so many questions :)

RAMHOIST:  Updated PI has sent to your email

the quantity in PI is 350 pcs, we think it is the max., however, if we can load more, we will load more for you, you can pay extra after loading.

We do not finished articles now, if for all drywall lift, it can be load 4*9*15=540 pcs

It is PU wheel (聚氨酯轮) but not the Nylon wheel in the PI,  40 USD/set (without bearing)

Customer: we made the payment for the attached order
please check the bank statement on Wednesday 14 April
Please let us know what will be the estimated production time

RAMHOIST: thanks and we have received the payment.
estimated production time is 40 days
Below is Different plug for Electric pallet stack, pls check which one used in your country, also inform your power supply, thanks        
Different plug for Electric pallet stack.jpg

All the goods is ready for delivery, pls check site photos in this link:

actual loading of drywall lift is 469 pcs, 10 pcs more than 459 in theory (see below)