Inquiry for 4ton *4 straight and 4ton*2 rotater Cargo Trolley

Keyword:Cargo Trolley   Time:2021-3-23 23:52:07

Customer: Need carrying roller moving (4ton capacity with four wheels)
I want 4ton *4 straight and 4ton*2 rotater 

RAMHOIST:  the min. capacity of cargo trolley is 6ton, the min. wheel is 4, it come with 4 straight or 4 rotater, but can not come with 2 rotater
6ton *4 straight: 17 USD/unit
6ton*4 rotater: 29 USD/unit
the price is based on 50 pcs for each

6ton-4 straight cargo trolley (6吨直行)

6ton-4 rotater cargo trolley (6吨转向)