Extractable column vacuum lifter(Mobile Vacuum Lifter)-40kg designed for Russia

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Technical proposal for
 Mobile Vacuum Lifter
  Extractable column vacuum lifter-40kg for Russia1.png

 Lifter Profiles:
 The machine was designed as automatic moving, two-hand operation, quick-swift handling machine for materials below 35kg, such as carton boxes, sacks, panels and other materials. The machine was composed of vacuum lifter, auto-controlled extension column, articulated arm crane and auto-moving unit; it could be used indoors such as warehouses and workshops or outdoors such as square stone paving etc, the machine also could be optioned for AC power supply applied for different working request

• Main performance:

 Capacity: 35kg for semi-porous materials or 40kg for dense materials
 Crane: two joints articulated arm
 Maximum arm length: 1100mm on folded, 2000mm on full extended
 Main power: AC24V, input power AC220V
 Driving: by accelerator, maximum 5KM/hour
 Uphill: 15% without load, 5% with load
 Column extension distance: 500mm, lowest 2500mm, highest 3000mm
 Driving: DC 24V, by accelerator
 Total power consumption: 2.0KW
 Gripping and lifting: Manually
 Vacuum Control model: motor driving-like controller
 Maximum lifter working stroke: 1700mm, column extension 500mm, totally 2300mm
 Main joint rotation degree: 180 degrees
 Second joint rotating: 360º endless rotating
 Spring quick plug locking for spare
 Interlocking for driving and working time

• Main Feature:

Two-hands control by “7” shape extension lever
 Quick griping and releasing
 Power lost protection
 According to EN13155&pr-EN13105-1&Pr-EN13105-2
 Adjustable suction cups for multiple applications and materials handling

Vacuum lifter components:

1. Vacuum Pump: Eurovac brand, model VT3.80, power supply AC24V, 50-60HZ, 2.2KW, maximum vacuum flow 80cbm/h, maximum vacuum pressure -85kpa

2. Lifting tube: diameter 120mm, tube length 2550mm, maximum lifting height 1700mm, maximum loading 35kg for semi-porous

3. 1 of diameter 150mm bellow suction pads for carton box

4. A special designed lifting tube bracket make lifting tube horizontal mounted and height saved, a roller mounted on the bracket end to house the lifting tube

Extractable column vacuum lifter-40kg for Russia2.png

5. A ball bearing integrated upper rotation jointer with single way valve to prevent the goods falling down in case of power lost.

6. Trigger-like controller for up&down and quick release, the controller has a titling joint which offers vacuum cup vertically to grip work piece from side, a rotating joint offers cup 360 degree endless rotation

Extractable column vacuum lifter-40kg for Russia3-1.png

7. A metal vacuum filter mounted on the pump to keep the air clean.

8. 8M vacuum feeding pipe of Diameter 32mm for vacuum connection

9. An electric control box mounted on the column

The lifter was designed for transportation or handling the materials at:
 Max.carrying capacity: 35kg for semi-porous
 Bending lifting tube with roller

 Extractable column vacuum lifter-40kg for Russia4.jpg

 Side gripping:

  Extractable column vacuum lifter-40kg for Russia5.jpg

Extractable column

1. Columns: main column is 180*180mm square pipe, extension column is 160*160mm square pipe

2. Actuators: dual actuators mounted sides of main column, the actuator is DC24V, speed reduced rate is 1:40, each pulling force is 6000N, locking force 8000N, working stroke 528mm, moving speed is 11mm/S,

3. Guidance block and wheels: the guidance blocks are made by Nylon, 4 of wheels with bearing inside for sliding

4. Arm lock: the lock will be automatic activated while full retracted, it also interlocked the driving unit, if the lock did not activated, the driving function will be restricted

Extractable column vacuum lifter-40kg for Russia6.jpg

Articulated arm

1. Main load arms are made by 80*80 square pipe

2. Locks: the first and third main arm have electro-magnet lock valves, to avoid the arm extension while in driving, the valves are NO

3. The first arm is locked by spring lock pin

Extractable column vacuum lifter-40kg for Russia7.jpg

Auto driving unit

1. Dimensions: 1300*780mm

2. Driving: DC batteries power, 2 of DC12V, 100Ah batteries

3. Charger: input power is AC 24V, Charging power is DC24V,20Ah

4. Counterweight: about 200kg

5. Front wheels are 300mm, slave wheels, back wheel is 250mm, all wheels are no-trace rubber

6. Driving motor: 800W, DC 24V

7. Accelerator: sensor control for driving speed

8. Cable reel: 1.2 Sqm*12M cable inside, for AC220V power connection 

Electric parts:

1. Power adaptor

2. PLC

3. Battery meter

4. Overload or over current protection

5. Start/stop and emergency stop buttons

6. Actuator control buttons

7. Electro-magnet switch button


1. SUS 304 for medicine or food application

2. Electrostatic eliminator for electronic or explosion application

3. Explosion motor and control box



   20000 USD (with one set of replaceable battery);
   Package included
   Leading time:  8 weeks after receipt of order
   Terms of  Payment: 50% down payment, balance before consignment

The final appearance of vacuum lifter we will make for you:

the final appearance of vacuum lifter.jpg