Inquiry for 10 ton Coil Upender from U.S.

Keyword:10 ton Coil Upender   Time:2021-3-31 12:39:57

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Message SubjectInquiry about Coil Upender
Message ContentUnit would be used on plastic injection molds weighing up to 10 tons, rotating 90 degrees.
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Coil Upender
Coil Upender

Purchase Quantity1 Pieces
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RAMHOIST: May I know turnover platform size or molds size then I will work accordingly, thanks.

Customer: 48” deep x 60” wide should be adequate.

RAMHOIST: May I know the length also, thanks

Customer: Sorry, I'm not sure that I understand your question.  This is what I'm looking for:

Coil Upender customer looking for

RAMHOIST: 8200US $/unit (FOB china)

460V/60HZ/3P, 110V control

Customer: Thanks for the quote.  We need our unit to have wheels so that it can be moved with a forklift.  (We do not have enough room under our crane to have a permanent location.)  Here's an example.

Could you also supply dimenions and weight for your unit so that we can estimate the freight cost?

RAMHOST: Yes, we can use 2 pcs universal wheels and 2 pcs fixed wheels (similar as below) but ask extra cost 300 USD.

We have another suggestion, we weld 4 legs for you (less than 10CM) for you forklift to transport, extra cost 50 USD. the advantage of legs is they can not wear down easily as wheels.

Estimated volume: 9 CBM,  Estimated weight: 3T.

universal wheels.jpg

Customer: I'm a little concerned about the fork truck not being able to lif the unit from the end (center of gravity too far away from forklift).  How about we use 2 swivel casters on one end and to legs on the end next to the fork truck?

Could you provide the length x width x height?

RAMHOST: We suggest to use 4 swivel casters and 4 lges, if you want to move the unit, then we use 2 or 4 swivel casters, if we do not move, then we screw off the swivel casters and not let them work, just use the legs.  

2.6*1.8*2.1m (length x width x height)

Customer: Your suggestion is acceptable.  Please provide a quote.

RAMHOIST: Coil Upender, Hydraulic type, with 4 swivel casters and 4 lges,

Unit would be used on plastic injection molds (48” deep x 60” wide) weighing up to 10 tons, rotating 90 degrees.

460V/60HZ/3P, 110V control

8500 US $ (FOB china)

Customer: Thanks for your quote and information.  We are considering our options.  I will let you know within 1 week.