21.05.12, Come Along Clamp for Aerial Bundled Conductors No.086_2021, May 2021

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March 2021

Project No.095/2021 for

Mechanical Cable Lugs



General requirements:

Deadline for submission of your quotation, along with full technical details / specification leaflets, testing reports, certifications  and sample as indicated below for quality approval and order verification purposes, not later than the 11th of May 2021.


Supporting documents:

-        Test certificate issued based to list below specification / technical requirements / standards.

-        Copy of a valid ISO 9001:2008 or 2015 Quality Assurance Certificate.

-        Full set of dimensional drawings.

-        Technical leaflets, catalogues, prospectuses, etc., showing that the manufacturer is familiar with the required come along clamps for ABC and has relative process lines.

-        A statement that similar items already been exported in E.U., supported with relative certifications.

-        The attached Form 5 fully completed concerning similar Items, preferable into other E.U. customers the last 3 years.

-        The attached Form 7 about the offered lugs against those required deviations/departures.

-        One (1) sample is required as to accompany the offer.


Other information:

·     Validity period of the quotation: At least 90 days from above stated closing date.

·     Deliver time: The goods must be in our hand (ETA Limassol port) within 4 months of the order confirmation.

·     Port of destination: Limassol port of Cyprus, quoting CFR price per piece. We could as well consider FOB prices assuming we have the asked below quantity packing volume & weight.


Quantity required:






Come along clamp for 4x95+1x25mm2 ABC conductor





Specification / Requirements

Quality Management System

The supplier shall have a valid ISO 9001:2008 and/or ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate for the goods offered.

The scope of the certification shall cover at least the production of the offered goods.


Goods shall be packed in non-returnable cases or otherwise prepared for overseas shipment, suitable to withstand rough handling without sustaining damage.

Goods shall be packed in small carton boxes, placed in larger robust carton boxes whose maximum full weight should not exceed 20Kg, stacked on wooden EUROPALLETS as per attached drawing. In any case the height of each pallet stack should not exceed 1.3m.

The carton box to be permanently fixed to the wooden pallet and a consideration must be given to the fact that the boxes shall be stored stacked on top of each other.

For protection against ingress of moisture during transportation and storing, each pallet stack shall be wrapped with strong nylon cover.


The supplier shall undertake that, if within 24 calendar months from delivery, any of the goods supplied show defective material or workmanship in the manufacture, and notice thereof is given to him, he will repair and make good the default free of charge or, alternatively, will supply free of charge a portion similar to the defective portion.

Inspection and testing

The whole of the products covered by this specification shall be subject to inspection and test by the customer during manufacture and before final dispatch from the manufacturer’s works.

Before any part of the products is packed or dispatch from the manufacturer’s works, all tests called for are to have been successfully and satisfactory carried out in the presence of the inspector and a certificate issued to that effect by the inspector in writing.

Adequate notice is to be given when any part of the products are ready for inspection or testing and every facility is to be provided by the supplier as to enable the inspector to carry out the necessary inspection and witness the tests.

Test Certificates

Test certificates of the goods offered must be submitted with the quotation.

One (1) samples of the offered item must be submitted with the quotation.


Technical Requirements

1. Scope

This specification describes the type of come along conductors clamps the customer is using in their LV aerial bundled conductors (ABC).

2. References

BS 3288-1 – Insulator and conductor fittings, for overhead power lines. Performance and general requirements.

BS 4190 – ISO metric black hexagon bolts, screws and nuts. Specification.

EN 61284 – Overhead lines – Requirements and tests for fittings.

EN ISO 1461 – Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles. Specifications and test methods.


3. Approved Items

Come along clamp for 4x95+1x25mm2 ABC conductor  – Customer’s number 111042.


4. General Requirements

The come along ABC clamps covered by these specifications to be designed, manufactured and tested according to the requirements of this specification and according the Standards referred above.

The manufacturer shall have a valid ISO 9001:2008 or 2015 Quality Management System certificate for the goods offered.

The scope (extent) of the certification shall cover at least the design and production of the offered goods.


5 Technical Requirements

5.1 General

The clamp device is to temporary hold the ABC under tension during installation activities.

5.2 Requirements

Come along clamps shall be designed for ABC 5 core conductors (4x95+1x25mm2), as per attached Table.

The safe working load (SWL) for erection purposes for ABC shall be less than 6kN.

Clamps shall be indelibly marked with the manufacturer’s type or catalogue number, together with the SWL in kN and range of conductor sizes for which it is intended

Come along clamps shall provide sufficient side opening between the jaws for the application to the largest cable within the clamp range.

The come along clamps shall be equipped with safety latch, so as in case of accident release of the conductor the clamp will not fall.

The design of come along clamps should preferably allow the replacement of jaws.

The clamps shall be complete with suitable shackle attachment.

5.3 Tests

Tests shall be in accordance with an approved national or international standard.

5.4 Sample

A sample of the come along ABC clamp should be provided along with the offer, otherwise this would not be considered further.
















Letter of Intent





We hereby certify that the above company is our representative for the project regarding Come Along Cable Clamp for Aerial Bundled Conductors (ABC) Lugs No.086/2021 and in case of contract award we shall undertake the full order execution as per specifications and the mentioned quantity in the requirements list.








































We hereby state that our factory has exports of similar items to those currently required in current project into other European Union countries, such as in…………….(to be completed indicating the E.U. countries).































SCHEDULE OF technical and PROFESSIONAL ability

The supplier is directed to enter below the data of similar contracts which the proposed manufacturer is currently implementing or has implemented during the last 3 years. The number of such contracts must not exceed eight.



Description of goods

Quantities of

goods sold

Name and

Country of


Share of the

contract carried

out by the

company (%)



(clearly stating currency)



On behalf of:…………………………………












The supplier shall state below all departures of offered items against those specified / required into this project




On behalf of:…………………………………




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