Inquiry about 2.5 ton hand pallet truck from Russia

Keyword:2.5 ton hand pallet truck   Time:2021-4-15 21:59:57

Customer: Interesting models HPT025B HPT025A 2.5 tons. Need collapsible hydro (photo attached) and PU wheel. what is the price and how much will fit in a 20 foot container?




2.5T, Fork outer width 550mm, collapsible hydro (=Integrated pump)130 US$/unit (180pc/20 foot container)

2.5T, Fork outer width 685mm, collapsible hydro (=Integrated pump)135 US$/unit (160pc/20 foot container)
the price is based on FOB china.

Customer: high price. I'll hiccup the price $ 100-107. can you give a lower price? at 40 feet container


2.5T, Fork outer width 550mm, collapsible hydro (=Integrated pump), PU wheel125US $/unit

2.5T, Fork outer width 685mm, collapsible hydro (=Integrated pump), PU wheel130US $/unit

Above price is the best price for 40 feet container