Inquiry about 16’ Drywall Panel Foot Lift Hoists from Australia

Keyword:16’ Drywall Panel Foot Lift Hoists   Time:2021-4-17 18:29:00

Customer: About Price for 16’ Drywall Panel Foot Lift Hoists, Plasterboard Hoisting Machine 

Freight is always more expensive if arranged from Australia so it is better if arranged from a China address. 

This first order is a trial cost so we know the cost for 6 or 10 pieces each future order from you.

RAMHOIST: 16' drywall lift: 90 US $/unit (EX-works)

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Customer: Freight is always more expensive if arranged from Australia so it is better if arranged from a China address. 
What would be the cost of freight to Melbourne in Australia ? 

RAMHOIST: freight does not cost too much, but we need to pay for custom cost, i assume it is at least 300USD for you to pick up the goods in melborune port, so it is not economic to buy several pics from china, except you have other goods to come along with this drywall lift.

Customer: What is the weight / volume of this 16’ dry wall lifter ? 

What is the sea freight to Melbourne ? 

RAMHOIST:weight: 49KG/unit
may i know the quantity then i will calculate the volume and sea freight to Melborune accordingly
for 6-10 pcs
Inland cost+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight to Melborune: 150 USD

Customer: Hello Yang, Was going to buy 16 ‘ and 11’ drywall panel lifts from you but the cost of freight was too much. China has a low cost consolidation of freight to Australia for other China companies.  If you have found a lower cost freight I would still be willing to buy these lifters from you.  

RAMHOIST: for 6-10 pcs
Inland cost+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight to Melborune: 150 USD

Customer: Yang, that extra cost would cause them to be too expensive for us. 

RAMHOIST: do you have other items import from china, or if you have friends import from china, we can let all the goods come together, then the cost can be reduced

Customer: We buy lots of electronic items but these are small and light weight so they would not go together as freight. 

RAMHOIST: the clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee is fixed by 10 pcs or 100 pcs, if you can buy more quantity, the total cost fro freight will be reduced, do you consider 100 pcs?

Customer: Not at this time, we have now ordered other different products, thanks Yang