Inquiry about 3.35m Dry wall lifter from Poland

Keyword:3.35m Dry wall lifter   Time:2021-4-18 16:36:44

Customer: Hello,

i'm interesting about dry wall lifters in big amounts. Let me know about technical specification.

RAMHOSIT: would u kindly check the specification in our website:

High Quality dry wall lifters China Supplier.jpg

Customer: I know your specification. This is why i write to you.

Need the time of production, moq, quantities for container 20,40,40hq. Time of production for all types of containers.

RAMHOSIT: Dear Łukasz Waliszewski 
252 pcs for 1 20GP  (20 days)
500 pcs for 1 40GP  (35 days)
560 pcs for 1 40HQ  (35 days)
(besides, i am interested in where you get my email address, from google or others, thanks)

Customer: what are the dimensions of box?  Send me CE.

And the most important, send me the prices!

I have found you on alibaba, then find comany in google and write.

RAMHOSIT:1260  x 520 x 180

Drywall lift 3.35m: 70 US $/unit

Customer: 70$ is a little expensice, we buy it for 55$. But we looking 2nd supplier, in case if sth happen with this one.

So recomment me better price, best will be c.a. 50$.

RAMHOSIT: pls check below one, this one is lifted by chain, price can be 51 US $ (based on 1 container)

cheaper series (lifted by chain).jpg

Customer: Send me technical data, and compare it to the standard one, compare to this more expensive!

Do you selling in Europe?

RAMHOSIT: pls check the difference in our website:
we sell in europe

Customer: Hello, i'm not going to look for it and serch and think what can it be. Send it to me in xls eg. Dimension, weight, packaging, everything and pictures, put in boxes, set up and operating.

RAMHOSIT: pls check in this link:

Customer: So, why it is so cheaper? What are the dimensions of the arms in both models?

RAMHOSIT: Manufacture process is simpler compare to normal drywall lift, thus need cheaper labor,
While normal one has more complex production process and frame, more labor, more weight which is 37kg/unit, thus leads the price is relatively higher. 

Cross arm for cheaper one : 75x2x4cm square pipe,  
The main market of this cheaper series is Euopean market, while normal one is sold both in Euope and North America. 

while Cross arm for normal one: 90x4x4cm square pipe

Customer: Like i write earlier i'm not interested of this...
You know what we need (as below). but Not with price 70$/pcs, If you have interesting proposition - let me know. 
We could be interested if you have 50-53$ / pcs, fob qingdao. Our colour and brand and packed in 2 boxes.

Drywall lifter_venta.jpg

RAMHOSIT: pls check our photos as below:

Site photos of Drywall Lifts1.jpg

Site photos of Drywall Lifts4.jpg

Site photos of Drywall Lifts2.jpg

Site photos of Drywall Lifts3.jpg

RAMHOSIT:Updating price of 3.35m Dry wall lifter in April of 2021: 80 USD/unit