Inquiry about 3T Aluminum Floor Jack from Australia

Keyword:3T Aluminum Floor Jack   Time:2021-4-21 22:08:46

Customer: Hi, 

We are interested in importing your 3T low profile floor jack for Australia. Can you please quote your prices and MOQ and other details i.e. certifications etc. 
RAMHOIST: May i know your min. height of the floor jack?
is the photo below you need:
it is double pump

Customer: Thanks for getting in touch. 

We are after a premium and high quality Aluminum jack. Please review the attached pic and let me know if you can offer similar product. 

jack 2.jpg

jack 3.jpg

jack 4.jpg

we have this style, but we do not have certificate for sold in Australia

Customer: I can work on getting the certification for Australia. Have got this tested by any other laboratory elsewhere ? I believe that you haven't sold to Australia in the past, if we are going to work on this then we need be your exclusive partners for Australia. 

Please send me your pricing and other technical details. Once I have reviewed the details i will get back to you with a proposal. 

One more thing, would you be able to make them in other colors ? Let me know the MOQ for custom color. 

RAMHOIST: below type has certificate of Australia, things will be get easier if you accept this type:
we can make them in other colors with MOQ 500 PCS

Customer: Its a stage 4 restriction here in Melbourne. I will get back to you as soon as the restrictions are eased. 

Customer: Hope you are well. 
Can you please send me your updated offer for 3T aluminium jacks. We need it to be colored differently as I have informed you earlier. 

Can you please get back to me. 


Offer for 3T aluminium jacks.jpg

RAMHOIST: May i know if you have received below offer? thanks

Customer: Thanks for your email. Yes, I certainly did receive your offer. Your price is high and It not enough margin for us to work int. Australian dollar is around 0.70 USD and current condition does not allow us to make anything. If you think you can give us a better price let us know. I will place an order of 25 units as trial.

RAMHOIST: We keep tiny margin and give your USD 117, is it acceptable? 

Customer: Thanks for the email. Our target price is around USD 100, If we can't make 10-15 profits then its useless, overheads are high in Australia. 

Thanks for your understanding. 

RAMHOIST: As discussion, We can make 102 USD as below for the long term cooperation.

Customer: Thanks for getting in touch. I am having a shipment from Hangzhou mid next month, Can you transfer the goods to our partners in Hangzhou ? What's the best price you can do for T830003XL. Please also let me know MOQ. 

RAMHOIST: yes, we can send the goods to hangzhou, the best price we can do is 108 USD/unit
MOQ 50 pcs
however we sent another type which is slightly lower than this.

Customer: Do you have a picture ?

RAMHOIST: for the above pictures

Customer: I will stick with the same model. So what will be the FOB price (Ningbo)?

RAMHOIST: it is ex-works

Customer: What's the price FOB Ningbo ?

RAMHOIST: 1usd more, so it is 108+1=109 usd

Customer: I think you misunderstood me, I will go with the first model that you were asing $117 for it. 

RAMHOIST: PI sent to your email, pls contact me if any question, thanks

Customer: Can you please send me packing list. 


it is for single piece

Customer: Can you please work out how many pallets, dimension of pallet and gross weight. 

RAMHOIST: 2 pallet

dimmension of each pallet: 1200*800, gross weight: 15KG

Customer: 15Kg ?

RAMHOIST: i mean each pallet weight, total weight is 26.9KG/unit *25 pcs +15KG *2 pallet =702.5KG

Customer: Can you please complete the following 50 boxes / 79 x 38.5 x 22 / total weight 1,350 kgs

 1  plt / 800 x 1200x ?  /  687. 50  kgs 

1 plt / 800 x 1200 x ? /   687.50  kgs

RAMHOIST: 50 boxes / 79 x 38.5 x 22 / total weight 1,350 kgs

 1  plt / 800 x 1200x 2130  /  687. 50  kgs 

1 plt / 800 x 1200 x 2130 /   687.50  kgs

updating PI for 50 boxes has sent to your email