Inquiry about 1.5T and 3T Rack Jack (mechanical jack) from Canada

Keyword:1.5T and 3T Rack Jack (mechanical jack)   Time:2021-4-23 21:46:10

Customer: Wondering if you can quote us on a jack as per attached picture?

If you can’t quote can you recommend someone?


RAMHOIST: 1.5T: 60 USD/unit (ex-works)

Customer: Can you quote shipping aswell please?

Also quote on a 3 ton with shipping please?

(my address is below my signature)


1.5T: 60 USD/unit (ex-works)
freight: 180 USD  (ups)
Total: 240 USD 

3T: 80 USD/unit (ex-works)
freight: 230 USD  (ups)
Total: 310 USD