Inquiry about floor jack, hydraulic bottle jack and foldable engine crane from Egypt

Keyword:floor jack, hydraulic bottle jack and foldable engine crane   Time:2021-4-24 10:54:09

Customer: We are specialist in import and marketing of farming equipments , construction equipments , mechanical &electrical equipments , chemical materials and production lines

 We would like to cooperate with your company in the field of floor jack 

Please send to us your catalogue and product statement ,to choose the models which we need in our Egyptian market

Your reply will be appreciated


Floor jack offer-by RAMHOIST.pdf

Customer: Please send price FOB & CIF Alexandria.

1- floor jack ( 2T )

2- 2T foldable engine crane 

3- jacks ( 2T -4T -6T -10T -12T -16T -20T )

RAMHOIST: May i know the quantity pls, thanks

Customer: quantity :  container 20 HQ 


1- floor jack ( 2T )      12.8 USD/unit

2- 2T foldable engine crane        73 USD/unit

3- jacks ( 2T -4T -6T -10T -12T -16T -20T )      

2T          5  USD/unit

4T        5.7 USD/unit

6T       7.2 USD/unit

10T     9.3 USD/unit

12T     11 USD/unit

16T    12.2 USD/unit

20T    15.7 USD/unit

the price is based on CIF Alexandria.

Customer: Thanks for your email we will reply as soon as possible after check details thank you 

Customer: thank you for your quick reply . ok i can understand now but the situation  in Egypt not very good because the virus i will reply to you soon to send you the decision .