Inquiry about Hydraulic Bottle Jack and Hydraulic Pump Cylinder Jack Ram from Uzbekistan

Keyword:Hydraulic Bottle Jack   Time:2021-4-24 13:44:14

Customer: Good day. 
Nowdays our company is looking forward to purchase products on below for project "GTL" in Republic of Uzbekistan. 
Kindly find RFQ, that I attached. After please provide us detailed technical and commercial quotation.

1) Hydraulic Hand Pump with Ram Cylinder (20 ton);
2) Hydraulic Hand Pump with Ram Cylinder (30 ton);
3) Hydraulic Bottle Jack Ea 20 Ton;
4) Hydraulic Bottle Jack Ea 8 Ton;
5) Hydraulic Pump Cylinder Jack Ram 10 ton;
6) Hydraulic Pump Cylinder Jack Ram 50 ton;
Hydraulic Pump Cylinder Jack Ram 5 ton.


Hydraulic Bottle Jack 5Ton 7.38

Hydraulic Bottle Jack 8Ton  9.58

Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10Ton 10.77

Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20Ton (Normal Base)  16.31

Hydraulic Bottle Jack 30Ton (Normal Base ) 22

Hydraulic Bottle Jack 50Ton (Thick Base)  37.23

technical parameters of Hydraulic Bottle Jack.png