Inquiry about 2.5T, 3T and 3.5T Floor Jacks from Iraq

Keyword:2.5T, 3T and 3.5T Floor Jacks   Time:2021-4-24 15:20:19

Message SubjectInquire about Floor Jacks
Message ContentHi,
I am interested in your product Floor Jacks, please send me more details:
Looking forward to your quick reply.

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Inquired Product

Floor Jacks
Floor Jacks

pls send to my email     
your full catalog for the floor jacks 
and we need real pictures to check 
if your prices are compitition we can buy sampler order 20 gp container 

RAMHOIST: below are real picture.

may I know which capacity you are interested in then I will work accordingly. thanks.

floor jack made in china1.jpg

floor jack made in china7.jpg

floor jack made in china8.jpg

floor jack made in china9.jpg

Customer: we want to buy 2.5 tons and 3 tons
but your catalog only have one type and the small size not long size

RAMHOIST: pls check below whether it is you required 2.5 tons and 3 tons, thanks



pls confirm then I will work accordingly

Customer: i still wait

send to me catalog
do you have more models
we want 300 pcs mix sample order
show me short video

Video of
 2 5t floor jack:
Video of 3t floor jack:

Technical brochure of Floor Jacks (2.5 and 3 ton).pdf

Customer: where is your offer

RAMHOIST: Dear Ahmed

2.5T:  23 US $/unit

3T:    50 US $/unit

3.5T:  86 US $/unit

The price is based on FOB china

Customer: i cant open your web
also i do not have any pictures to your products

RAMHOIST: Below are photos of 3.5ton

3.5t floor jack-1.jpg

3.5t floor jack-3.jpg

3.5t floor jack-2.jpg

Customer: expensive dear'
we buy this 3.5 from bigred 78 usd

RAMHOIST: The net weight for 3.5ton of bigred is 36-37KG, and ours are 46KG, we are stronger than theirs