Looking at prices on hydraulic jacks from 2 ton to 50 ton as well as pricing on 1 ton scissor jack from South Africa

Keyword:2 ton to 50 ton hydraulic jacks and 1 ton scissor jack   Time:2021-5-1 17:07:49

Customer: I am looking at prices on all your hydraulic jacks from 2 ton to 50 ton as well as pricing on your 1 ton scissor jack please


1/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 2Ton  4.51
2/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 3Ton  5.31
3/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 4Ton  6.31
4/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 6Ton  (=5T)7.38
5/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 8Ton  9.58
6/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 10Ton 10.77
7/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 12Ton 12.31
8/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 16Ton  (=15T)14.15
9/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20Ton (Normal Base)  16.31
10/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 30Ton(Thick Flat Base)  (=32T)26
11/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 30Ton (Normal Base )  (=32T)22
12/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 50Ton (Thick Base)  37.23
13/ Hydraulic Bottle Jack 50Ton (Thick Flat Base)52.46
1 ton scissor jack: 4.6

all above price is based on FOB china, US $/unit 

Customer: Thank you, I will let you know. 

What is FOB?

RAMHOIST: means we send to china port

Customer: So we have to pay for freight to south africa?

RAMHOIST: yes, we can also include freight to durban but price is slightly higher

Customer: Can you not do a better price on the 2 ton 

RAMHOIST: May i know your quantity pls? thanks

Customer: 300-400 PIECES on the 2 ton

RAMHOIST: we can send to durban port with this price, thanks