Inquiry about 600kg Vacuum glass lifter robot from Spain

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Message SubjectInquiry about 600kg Electric Vacuum Glass Lifting Equipment Lifter Robot
Message ContentI am interested in your product, please send me more details.

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600kg Electric Vacuum Glass Lifting Equipment Lifter Robot
600kg Electric Vacuum Glass Lifting Equipment Lifter Robot

RAMHOIST: Dear jose manuel
Vacuum glass lifter, with the model and price as follows:
VGL600: 13000 USD/unit (FOB china)
technical details:

Customer: Buenos días Yang mi tlf607392*** varias preguntas y más información del robot600.gracisd (Good morning Yang mi tlf607392*** various questions and more information about the robot600.gracisd)

I want to ask you about the robot 600

I need you to send me Videos and photos of the exact model that I want to buy you

Also technical data sheet of the model 600 with measures included

If the model has a remote control or a wired remote control connected to the robot, that would also be worth

If you could send it to my facilities and full price of the robot

In how long could I have the Robot 600?

RAMHOIST: default is wired control, we can make remote control but need 300 usd more
video is 400, 600 is just bigger
technical details is in the link:
we can send to u sea port and u need to pick up in the port

Vacuum Glass lifter robot 600kg (1st type).jpg

Customer: but the model that I want is not rl of the video, i want below:

Vacuum Glass lifter robot 600kg (2nd type).jpg

that's the one I want !! of that model I want to know the measurements, what it weighs, the height it reaches etc. and some video or photos.

RAMHOIST: 1050kg, 2600*1050*1800 mm
pls check the details in this link:

Customer: Hi, I have been looking at this is the model that I thought you had originally budgeted for me, according to your first budget it is 13000USD and this budget is 20000USD and it does not have double front wheels. I do not understand that gap and why. Waited for specification. Thank you

RAMHOIST: u can choose the first picture that I sent, like car, there is BMW and nissan, I have sent the technical specification to u email

Customer: Thank you very much, for all the information I will look at it with ease and if I have any questions I will get in touch, thanks for everything.