Looking for vacuum glass lifter 5x2 m frame with 12 cups from India

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Message SubjectInquiry about Hot Selling Industrial Electric Vacuum Glass Installation Robot
Message ContentHi, can you tell me more about glass lifter? Such as price, specifications, after-sale services and so on.
1000 kg load on the 7 m boom.

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Hot Selling Industrial Electric Vacuum Glass Installation Robot
Hot Selling Industrial Electric Vacuum Glass Installation Robot

RAMHOIST: 1800 USD/unit (FOB china)

technical details: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1830.html

Customer: 1000 kg on the 7 m boom for installing the glass sheets 3 x 7,5 m, Could you offee us this machine?  With tilting and rotation function for it, Send me please the offer and technical data for this unit

Hot Selling Industrial Electric Vacuum Glass Installation Robot

RAMHOIST: the max.  for this machine is 800kg, u confirm u need this machine?  or maybe u need blow

vacuum glass lifter made in china.jpg

Customer: 3x7.5x15x2.5 = 844 kg, I need this machine with possibility for lifting on the 7 m boom and 1000 kg load sucking, tilting and turning units

RAMHOIST: confirm which u need?  this is suspended in the boom

Customer: It's a sucker. Sucker must be fixed on the machine with telescopic boom min 7 m


Customer: Show me it please on video and pics

RAMHOIST: u can only to rent a crane to suspend our sucker, it is the cheapest way

Customer: Thank you for your caring about iur money  

RAMHOIST: since the max in China is 800kg

Customer: Still waiting for your proposal, pics, video

RAMHOIST: all is made in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1830.html

Customer: Got it and watched. It's not what I'm looking for

RAMHOIST: Is this one below:

vacuum lifter made in china2.jpg

vacuum lifter made in china3.jpg

Customer: Yes, 5 x 2 m with 12 cups 100 kg load each

RAMHOIST: 2200USD for 12 cups

Details is in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1831.html

Customer: Like it below?

The frame is absolutely too small

It must be 5x2 m frame for safety lifting, tilting and rotation functions

RAMHOIST: there is bigger but price is higher

Customer: OK, Look for this pic above, 5x2 m frame with 12 cups. Better with 16 cups

RAMHOIST: yes, AC powered, with remote control, 6800 USD/unit (FOB china)
Customer: We are under lockdown conditions and must wait for better situation for resuming of the project works.
Will contact you when it will be possible.
If you're asking about suitability of your unit, I know much better proposals...