Vacuum tube lifter for wooden panels and vacuum components from UAE

Keyword:vacuum tube lifter for wooden panels and vacuum components   Time:2021-5-3 15:17:55

Customer: We are interested in vacuum tube lifter. 

Please send us all the information about it including prices. 

Hope to hear from you soon. 

Thank you and have a nice day. 

RAMHOIST: pls check this link for vacuum tube lifter

there are some cases for the usage.

need to know your detailed request then can work price accordingly, thanks

Customer: Kindly note that we need prices and more details for the following items:

  • Quick Changed Pad

  • Ergonomic Controller

  • Handling Cases (all handling)

  • Up rotation assembly

  • No pole rotating head

  • Yellow Controller ( picture attached)

We are interested with the ESL Panel Vacuum tube Lifter. We need it for wooden panels.

Waiting your prices and data sheets for the items listed above.


RAMHOIST: May i know the quantity pls, thanks

Customer: Please give us an offer for 1 pc from each item and another offer for 10 pcs from each item.

Our order for the quantities depends on the prices given.

We might request 1 or a couple of pieces in our first order to test the items but for now we’ll be waiting your quotations.

RAMHOIST: May i know the weight and size of product, thanks

Customer: Note that the product Weight is 50 kg. The size is L:2440 mm x W1220 mm Thickness:18mm  (Melamine wood panel).


Standard lifter                                                USD 4,300.00
Standard jib crane (3M)                         USD 2,300.00

technical details:

Customer: Kindly send us a quotation for the prices of each component of the standard lifter along with pictures of each item. The pictures that are especially needed are the ball bearing and the two hands control.

We have another offer from a German supplier where we have details of every component so it’s appreciated if you sent offer this way.

Also note that the standard jib crane isn’t needed since this will be provided locally to clients as per their preference and usage.

RAMHOIST: regret we do not sell each component separately, thanks for your understanding.
then we can supply without jib crane.
our price is very competitve, hope we can work together for the whole set.

May i know could we cooperate? thanks

Customer: We are ready to cooperate ;however, note that we need prices of each component of the standard lifter along with pictures of each item.

There are some components that we can manufacture locally and that will have less costs on us. We work with different European suppliers and they always offer us each component alone.

So we’ll appreciate your cooperation with that.

RAMHOIST: I think although some components you manfacture locally, but their price is higher than those made in china.
normally, we do not sell component alone but only the whole set.

Customer: Thank you but we are looking for separate components.

RAMHOIST: pls check offer of vacuum components in this link:

Customer: Thank you for sending us offer for vacuum components.

I would like you to clarify the below points:

  1. What does the ergonomic control consist of? Does it consist of the release valve, break like release lever and T-like extension?

  2. What is the price of the lifting tube?

If we need to ship these items to Sharjah-UAE, how much will it cost us? or we can do it the other way around. You can share packing list and location of your warehouse and we can take care of the shipping.

RAMHOIST:Yes , the ergo controller included release valve, release lever and T-like extension, the price of lifting tube depands the tube diameter
packing list: 1500*1000*500mm, 70KG

we can send to Sharjah-UAE for free.

Customer: Sorry for my late reply.

Unfortunately, we’ve put this project on hold due to the current bad situation.

Thank you for your understanding and for your support.