0 to 300 kg crane scale with waterproof

Keyword:0 to 300 kg crane scale   Time:2021-5-3 16:46:28

Customer: I am looking for a 0 to 300 kg crane scale, waterproof, but more showerproof, I would like a working sample, am willing to pay for the unit and carriage cost to the UK, if your unit is what I require and is at the right price I would require 100 units per month.

RAMHOIST: may i know IPX5 lever is enough for you, like attached 300kg.

300 kg crane scale.jpg

Customer: What is the price? is it showerproof?

RAMHOIST: for normal shower, it is ok,  but can not put it into the water,  ok for u?

Customer: Yes it looks ok, what is the cost of each unit?

RAMHOIST: 20 USD/unit (ex-works)

Customer: Ok thank you, I think I need to see if I can find same kind of thing for less money!

RAMHOIST: what's your target price?

Customer: Thank you but have sourced some from another company for less money!

RAMHOIST: what's their price?

Customer: They were less money than yours!

RAMHOIST: we can make 16USD

Customer: Should have offered your best price in your first email! 

RAMHOIST: i see you care too much about the price, then we will use some cheaper parts to instead and reduce the cost to 16 USD.

Customer: Sorry but I think you misunderstood, I have already purchased from another supplier!!