4X4 rough terrain diesel forklift from Germany

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Message SubjectInquiry about 3 Ton 4X4 Hydraulic 3m Lifting Height Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift
Message ContentDear Ladies and Genlemen,
dear Ramhoist,

I am Peter from ***-technical UG in Germany. We are in the Import business since 2005. Our main business is Import cnc-router from China, but we Import everything for our customers. Recently we have a customer who is looking for some forklift.
He had an supplier already in China, but now he is looking for a new.
Could you please let me have more informations about your forklift. Please let me have your product catalouge include spare part list and pice list.
Specially 3,5 ton forklift diesel Motor for rough Terrain, can you offer this one?

Welcome your early reply.

Thanks and best Regards
Inquired Product

3 Ton 4X4 Hydraulic 3m Lifting Height Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift
3 Ton 4X4 Hydraulic 3m Lifting Height Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift

Purchase Quantity10 Pieces

RAMHOIST: 4X4 rough terrain diesel forklift, 3.5T: 16000 US $/unit (FOB china)

Below is technical brochure.

Technical brouchre (4X4 rough terrain diesel forklift).jpg

Customer: thanks for your mail. I am sorry to tell you, we have not gotten your mail, also not any technical data in attachment.

Could you please send me as soon as possible to my mail box: info@***-technical.de again?

RAMHOIST: sent again

Customer: thanks for your fast reply.
But this is not the forklift we inquired for our customer.
3 Ton 4X4 Hydraulic 3m Lifting Height
          Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift
This above forklift it was we need.
Please give me the infos and more pictures from this forklift.

RAMHOIST: may i know you need 2WD or 4WD?

Customer: it is 2WD

RAMHOIST: 2WD rough terrain diesel forklift, 3.5T: 12000 US $/unit (FOB china)

below is technical brochure and picture.

2wd rough terrain diesel forklift.jpg

Technical brouchre (2wd rough terrain diesel forklift).jpg

Customer: Could you please send me more pictures from forklift?
We also need the spare part price list. Please send as soon as possible.
Our customer said, he needs cabin, sideshifter and so on.

RAMHOIST: Below are more pictures.

Cabin: 1000 US$

Sideways: 400 US$

2wd rough terrain diesel forklift1.jpg

2wd rough terrain diesel forklift2.jpg

2wd rough terrain diesel forklift4.jpg

2wd rough terrain diesel forklift3.jpg

2wd rough terrain diesel forklift6.jpg

2wd rough terrain diesel forklift5.jpg


2wd rough terrain diesel forklift7.jpg

Customer: thanks for your prices, but this was not enough for our customer. He wanted your complete prices for the spare parts, because he wants more parts for the forklift like heater fork positionner, 4 m mast, 2,2 m fork lenght....
About the color, which colors can you provide?
By the way, are you the manufacturer of this forklifts?

RAMHOIST: the price includes all the spare parts, in the warranty period, the spart parts is supplied for free if the forklift itself problem.
you can choose any color you like, normally yellow or red.

Customer: ok, so I will tell our customer the price for forklift 3,5 tons , side shifter, fork positonnier, heater, mast 4 meter, fork lenght 2,2 m the total price is 13.400 USD

RAMHOIST: Will the forklift work in container?

Customer: I do not know. Customer only told me the following
rough terrain forklift 3,5 tons
4m mast or 5 m lifting height is better
sideshifter and fork positionner
2,2 m fork lenght or 2,4 m fork is better
which motor do you supply?

RAMHOIST: What you asked is not the spare parts, the spare parts is supplied for free, while these need extra price, total: 3800 USD

(load capacity is 3.5 ton,lifting height 5

meters with wide sight mast,side shifte,fork

positioner,Chinese Xinchai Engine,fork length

2200mm,adjustable steering wheels and toyota seat

with safety belt,air tyres,automatic


Cabin included)

Customer: We must talk about the forklift finally.
Forklift rough terrain 3,5 tons
side shifter
fork positioner
fork lenght 220cm
mast 5 meter
OPS system
Which motor do you supply?
Which brand is your forklift?
How long is delivery time?
How long is warranty time?

RAMHOIST: 3.5ton Rough terrain forklift,4WD type,Yanmar engine,3.5ton capacity,5m triplex mast,full cabin,heater,side shifter,fork positioner,fork lenght 220cm,ops,FOBUSD33200
delivery time: 30days
warranty time: 1 year

our own brand RAMHOIST

Customer: thanks for your reply.

We are surprised about your price.

In June you gave us another price for this forklift:

12000 USD

3800 USD for parts like sideshifter, fork positioner, cabin, heater, fork lengh 220cm, 5 m mast triplex and so on.

2WD rough terrain diesel forklift, 3.5T: 12000 US $/unit (FOB china)
Total price is 15.800 USD
In attachment is the rough terrain forklift from your website, please confirm if you offered us this one, with this tyre.?
Which Chinese diesel Xinchai Engine have you offered? And how many kw does this one has?
Please let me know how many discount you grant and how long is your delivery time?

RAMHOIST: i need to confirm some thing as below:
1, in your previous email, i assume you need 4wd, and in past, you need 2WD, pls confirm you need 4WD or 2WD
2, i need to know the emmision standard in your contury (Germany), i am afraid the xinchai engine can not reach the standard in your contury.

Customer: 2WD
1. only 2WD not 4WD
The engine Yanmar is also ok. We already bought with Yanmar

RAMHOIST: emmision standard pls

Customer: Isuzu or Yanmar is ok