7.9x23.0mm ALLOY Chain from Thailand

Keyword:7.9x23.0mm load Chain   Time:2021-5-5 16:44:58

Customer: Dear Yang,


Could you supply load chain with below spec.?


  - Size Φ7.9 x 23.0 mm

  - Grade : 80

  - Material : Alloy Steel

  - Elongation : 15% min.

  - Hardness : HRC 40 min.

  - Finish : Black or Bright

RAMHOIST: May i know what's the quantity, thanks

Customer: 100m or 200m.

RAMHOIST: would you add some quantity to produce?

2 USD/m

besides, Size Φ8.0 x 24.0 mm is ok for you too?

Customer: Sorry 8.0x24.0 mm cannot be used.

Please confirm that price for 7.9x23.0 mm, 200m at 2 USD/m is acceptable.

RAMHOIST: would you add the quantity to 500m, 7.9*23.0 is not a standard one and need MOQ 500m to produce, thanks

Customer: Please quote for 500m, 7.9*23.0

RAMHOIST: price is same, it is ex-works.

Customer: Please confirm below.

- Material

- Grade

- Finish

- Test certificate (available)


  - Material : Alloy Steel

  - Grade : 80

  - Finish : Black

  - Test certificate (available): pls check the link:http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1878.html