Business cooperation proposal price list for Hand Pallet Stacker Model from Israel

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Let me introduce to you our company:

Our company is engaged in importing and marketing advanced systems in the aluminum, glass and stainless steel for large various sectors

Our company includes engineers and technicians who have the qualification and experience of over 30 years in this area

Our company is considered one of the leading companies in Israel in this area.

Our company performs large-scale projects in Israel and around the world.
Our company has a national network of service, repair and maintenance installations for all gas stations in Israel as well as public institutions / private sector / Ministry of Defense / hotels / hospitals / banks and etc.

Also I want to mention that our company has the highest economy stability

We have solo representative with several companies in Europe :

RINOX GERMANY – Glass & Stainless Steel Hardware.

BTS Aluminium  
STG BEIKIRCH GERMANY - Smoke extraction and windows automation systems

TOPP S.R.L ITALY Sliding doors and automatic swing  door .


Now these days we are interested in contacting a company that will be another supplier to our business and for our fluent activity.

In checking we made in your web site we found several items that can be used in our activity in Israel.

First of all I would appreciate if you can send us your catalogue and the price list about your products by delivery E mail .

1ton/1.5ton electric pallet stacker & Hand Pallet Stackers

electric pallet stacker made in china Hand Pallet Stackers made in china

RAMHOIST: May i know the lifting height, thanks

Customer: Thanks for the email you sent me the maximum lifting height is 2.5 meters height for the electric model 1.6 for the manual model. .

Hand Pallet Stackers  Adjustable straddle leg 1.6 m.

1ton/1.5ton electric pallet stacker 2.5 M &  Semi-electric pallet stackers.

I would be happy to receive prices for the above models, including shipping by sea to Israel.

1ton Hand Pallet Stackers  Adjustable straddle leg 1.6 m.   220 USD/unit
1.5ton Hand Pallet Stackers  Adjustable straddle leg 1.6 m.   245 USD/unit
1ton electric pallet stacker 2.5 M          2110 USD/unit
1.5ton electric pallet stacker 2.5 M        2160 USD/unit
1ton Semi-electric pallet stacker 2.5 M   800 USD/unit
1.5ton Semi-electric pallet stackers 2.5 M  850 USD/unit
the price is based on CFR Haifa, Israel

Customer: Thanks for the email you sent me, and sorry for my late reply.

I will ask for your kind help and add a model to the quote you sent me and I would be happy to receive pictures of the above models as well.

I would also like to check if you have sold any products to the market in Israel in the past.

Thanks for the email you sent me,

I would be happy if you could reply to my previous email .


1ton Hand Pallet Stackers  Adjustable straddle leg 1.6 m.   model:  HPS01/16
1.5ton Hand Pallet Stackers  Adjustable straddle leg 1.6 m.   model: HPS015/16

1ton electric pallet stacker 2.5 M          model: EPS01/25

1.5ton electric pallet stacker 2.5 M        model: EPS015/25

1ton Semi-electric pallet stacker 2.5 M   model: SEPS01/25

1.5ton Semi-electric pallet stackers 2.5 M  model: SEPS015/25

yes, we have sent to your country before. pls check the picture in this link: