Inquiry about 70 pcs of hand pallet truck 2.5 tons from Vietnam

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Message SubjectInquiry about 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton, 5ton Industrial Hand Forklift Manual Lift Pallet Truck
Message ContentDear Sir/Madam,

My name is Phuc and I'm contacting from *** Co. from Vietnam
We'd like to know about your hand pallet truck products and are seeking for the cooperation for the 1st order also for the nexts in the near future.

Our order on hand is 70 pcs of hand pallet truck 2.5 tons so that for the 1st order with you I think we will start to trial from 100 pcs first
Please send me your detail quotation with spec, delivery time, payment term...
Kindly quote me EXW, FOB & CIF Price (Cat Lai Port) if possible.

Thank you in advance for your reply and we are looking forward to our good business.

Best regards,

Ms. Phuc
Inquired Product

2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton, 5ton Industrial Hand Forklift Manual Lift Pallet Truck
2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton, 5ton Industrial Hand Forklift Manual Lift Pallet Truck

Purchase Quantity100 Pieces
Extra Request forPrice
Inspection Certificate
Product Specifications
Company Profile
RAMHOIST: 2.5T hand pallet truck, Fork outer width 550mm, Nylon wheel: 95 USD/unit (CIF cat lai port)
delivery time: 20 days
payment term: 30% TT advance, balance upon copy of BL
Customer: Does the 2.5T hand pallet truck with 685mm fork outer width have the same unit price at 95 USD CIF Cat Lai?
Could you please also let me know your EXW price?
What is your opinion if we suggest 1 pcs for sample before order 100 pcs from you?
RAMHOIST: no, 685mm Fork outer width is slight higher, with 100 USD/unit (CIF cat lai port)
EXW price is 1 USD less than CIF.
we can send sample but need customer to bear the freight,
however few of customer buy sample since it is not like a clothes or gift, very light and air freight is cheap, this sample is heavy and will take you lots of money by air, however i respect your choice. thanks
Customer: Thanks for your email
We can arrange our forwarder to come to collect the sample
We would like to have the 2.5T, 685mm of fork width, green color
Please let me know when will the sample is ready for pick up?
RAMHOIST: sample is yellow but not green, we have stock for yellow, in your future 100pcs bulk order, we can make to green, quality is same.
does your forwarder have location in china? we can send to that location, it is faster than picking up.

Customer: Due to today is Saturday so our forwarder is off, we will contact you again after got their information.     

But please let me know the packaging's dimensions WxDxH and GW, also your warehouse (pick up) address and port of loading for my checking seafreight for the next shipment.

RAMHOIST: WxDxH: 1.48*0.55*1.2
G.W. 62kg
port of loading: shanghai
May i know your forwarder address that we can send there.
Customer: Seem the dimension is not include the packaging yet, right?
We need the hand pallet truck to be wrapped and packed to avoid damage
As said, could you please also let me know your warehouse address for my checking sea freight first?
And please advise the HS Code
RAMHOIST: it includes packing, attached photo of packing.
Address: 江苏省泰兴市黄桥镇刘陈社区

Hand pallet truck's package.jpg

Customer: I’m tending to arrange the collection of sample by TNT or DHL
Please let me know your post code
The pick up address is still Address: 江苏省泰兴市黄桥镇刘陈社区 right?
RAMHOIST: this address is not in the scope of picking up area, the nearest DHL place we send is 
post code: 211100
Customer: After studied the freight charge, it quite high
Could you please help us to find the way that can reduce the freight cost? Do you have any shipment that going to ship to VN that we can contact and ask for help?
We are willing to bear the cost but around 10 million VND/pc is really high to us
RAMHOIST: As i told earlier, the air cost is very high since it is calculated by KG.
however, if it is tranlated by sea, both custom cost in china and VN will be also very high for one pc, since we do not have any shippment to VN now.
we suggest you buy 100 pcs and transported by sea, lots of customers do like this, no need to test the sample as we are very confident for the quality.
however, it is your choice.

May i know your decision? thanks

Customer: Sorry for my late reply
We have a partner in China, they are a trading company not a freight agency. I have told them to help me to export this sample under non-commercial business, and you will issue a non-commercial invoice to them but they are afraid to do so
So I’m letting them checking
By the way, 15-19 Oct in your country have the Canton fair, we will join as The Buyer. Will you also be there as a visitor or an exhibitor? May we schedule a meeting and can we visit your company?

RAMHOIST: They do not contact us.
we do not attend canton fair, yes, welcome to visit our company.

Customer: Sorry for my late in response your email
It is ok for you to issue Commercial Invoice and Packing List for us, right? I mean that the business between us is Non-commercial as this is the sample, but our partner need Commercial Invoice and Packing List to import it.

RAMHOIST: no problem, but 1 pc need 110 USD and need you to bear the freight, pls let me know your partner detailed address then i will ask the freight.

Customer: You mean we need to pay you 110 USD for 1 pc of hand pallet truck, right?
I though that the sample is for free :-)
Sorry I don't understand why you need to ask the freight for us?
I will send you my partner detailed address then you will bring the sample to them, the freight they will charge us and we will pay them after the goods reach to our warehouse

Do you have Whatsapp number? My Whatsapp number is +84 938743***
Our partner factory address is:
***, Linyi City, Shandong province, China.
They will have export shipment to Vietnam around 5-Oct, could you please let me know when you can send the sample there?

RAMHOIST: Sorry, sample is not free, the freight i mean the inland freight (from our place to your partner address) it is 15USD
total: 110 + 15 =125 USD

it can be arrived on 5th, if we receive money today and send today.