Tallest lift at least 30 meters from Israel

Keyword:Tallest lift at least 30 meters   Time:2021-5-10 12:35:14

RAMHOIST: I received your message from made in china that you require the tallest lift.
may i know which lift you request, different lift has different lifting height, thanks

Customer: Hi,

I don’t really care for the lift type. It has to be stable and lift equipment ~ 10kg. I wanted  to know what is the max height you lifts get to.

Thank you

RAMHOIST: our electric chain hoist can lift at least 500KG with lifting height 100m, you can check our website: http://www.ramhoist.com/powered-hoists/RMElectricChainHoists.html

Customer: Hi Yang

Thank you for the quick response,

Sorry for the unclear explanation, we are looking for mobile lift, so we can locate it whenever we need,  from ground level and up.

Thank you

do you mean below:


if so, the max lift height is 16m

Ok, Its to short for us.

Customer: thank you very much for the help.

what's the max. lifting height you need? do you have picture?
maybe you mean below:


Customer: We need at least 30 meters

RAMHOIST: below lift can:


I assume you not mean this, would you give me the photos you need, i will discuss with engineer whether we can make it higher, thanks

pls check this link for reference, the link is 23m, of course, we can make more than 30m: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1110.html

Customer: Thank you for your mail, we are still checking the options,  we have some issues with your devices size.

I’ll contact you when I’ll have more data or questions.

Thank you