Scissor lift table cylinder pump required by India

Keyword:Scissor lift table cylinder pump   Time:2021-5-10 14:14:57

Sir/ Madam,

                Greeting & Good Wishes

              i interested your product profile.

              our requirement is following.

             hydraulic scissor lift table    cylinder pump   manual application
            capacity 300 kg.

            i hope you will feel free & send response.

            also interested dealer ship at north india.

manual lift table.jpg

RAMHOIST: May i know your target price ? thanks

Customer: our target price INR 3000   MAX.


RAMHOIST: quantity pls, 

Customer: 500 UNIT

 Customer: 1 unit i will purchase sample for approval.

                   after confirmation i will purchase 500 unit.

                  please send ref. picture with perform invoice with bank detail.

                  so that we will process order.

                 i hope you will feel free & send response. 

  our new requirement is VACUUM STONE LIFTER.

     please send profile , technical specification & price.

      i hope you will feel free & send response. 

Also quote drum lifter clamp.


170 USD/unit 

do you have agent in china, there is abnormal freigt for 1 pc to transport, thanks

Customer: no issue we use our import license

        please quote pi. so that i will process payment..

RAMHOIST: for 1 pcs, we need 270 USD, and will return back 100 USD in your future order, the materail loss and workforce is much higher for 1pc than bulk order, thanks

Customer: Please confirm
170 ust machine price or cylinder price. 

RAMHOIST: the machine

May i know if this inquiry still valid? if anything delay or changed, pls keep me informed, thank you vey much.

Customer: i want to go  making india.