50 PIECES of Railway Electric Transfer Carts - Model NO. KPX in Uruguay

Keyword:Railway Electric Transfer Carts - Model NO. KPX   Time:2021-5-12 9:50:56

essage SubjectInquiry about Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd.
Message ContentDear Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd.,

We want your business partnership in purchase of your products.

Please get back to us as soon as possible for more details via the email address below;


Best Regards;
Antonio Paula

RAMHOIST: pls send the details

Customer: Our client will need 50 PIECES of  Railway Electric Transfer Carts - Model NO. KPX in Uruguay.
Our nearest port is Port of Montevideo, Uruguay.
Do get back to us with the most competitive price / quotation if you can ship to Uruguay.
We look forward to long-term successful partnership with you!

RAMHOIST: Would you pls supply below information of Railway Electric Transfer Carts that I will work accordingy, thanks

1. Capacity:
2. Table size, height
3. Running distance

Customer: Capacity should be 400 Ton.

RAMHOIST: we need below answer to move forward, thanks
1/What kind of goods need to be transported by transfer car?
2/What is the maximum size of the goods that need to be transported?
3/How far is the maximum distance to transport?
4/Do you need to turn during transportation?