Vacuum glass lifter robot's estimate for approximately 600kg with all electric movements from Spain

Keyword:Vacuum glass lifter robot's estimate for approximately 600kg   Time:2021-5-14 8:29:56

Customer: Good afternoon, you can send me a robot's estimate for approximately 600kg with all electric movements, if possible.
thank you

RAMHOIST: Dear Vicente Picazo

Vacuum glass lifter 600kg: 17500 US $

Customer: Good Morning. Yes, I have received it. thank you. I'm comparing with other prices and it's more expensive than the competition.

RAMHOIST: May i know which one is cheaper than us? thanks

Customer: Hello. Liftawp, quindao sinofirst machinery. 
I've talked to a very nice girl and they have a lower price, with all the automatic robot movements.

RAMHOIST: May i know their price pls, thanks

may i know your mean Vacuum glass lifter or Vacuum glass lifter robot as below? thanksVacuum glass lifter.jpg

Vacuum glass lifter

Vacuum glass lifter robot.jpg

Vacuum glass lifter robot

if only for Vacuum glass lifter, price is much cheaper, it is 1600USD

if for Vacuum glass lifter robot, we can make 13000USD as previous email attached photo.

This price should be cheaper than Liftawp, quindao sinofirst machinery. 

Customer: HI. this week is festive in Spain. Next week we will decide. Can you send me a video of robot.?

thank you.

RAMHOIST: video of robot:

Customer: Yes, I have received it. We are in Easter and I have not gone to the office. On Tuesday I call you. Thank you

Hello, my WhatsApp is +34 6159***

I do not see if the rotation is also automatic or manual. I'll send you a drawing so you understand me better. Thank you

RAMHOIST: ok, thanks, await

Customer: sorry for drawing so bad


RAMHOIST: It’s ok.

Pls see the Main Specifications and components of 600kg in our website:

Customer: good morning. I can read that the rotation is manual, not automatic.

RAMHOIST: yes, is automatic a must for you? we can make automatic if it is a must, but price is different, thanks