eMeasurematics is looking for “coil transfer car” with coil weight handling capacity of ~35T for ‘coil yard management system’ (CYMS)

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eMeasurematics is looking for “coil transfer car” with coil weight handling capacity of ~35T for ‘coil yard management system’ (CYMS). The CYMS is coming for HSM-1 & and HSM-2 (new mill). The transfer cars are required for both the mills area, but, at present this enquiry is only for HSM-1, where 5nos of transfer cars are proposed to come.


The layout of mill area is shown in attached figure.

The Yard consist of 3 Bays, MN, NIQ1 and Q1P1 respectively.

Total 5 transfer cars are to be installed, TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4 and TC5. The travel length of each transfer car is as under,

TC1: 52 meters

TC2: 52 meters

TC3: 122 meters

TC4: 52 meters

TC5: 52 meters

All the above cars are single coil carrying cars.



The TC1, TC2, TC4 and TC5 run between the MN and Q1P1 bay, whereas TC3 runs from the mill bay to the Q1P1 bay. All the cars are at normal yard level, with DSL arrangement for power connectivity to the drive.


The transfer control philosophy is depicted in figure below. The dark dotted line is in the scope of supplier. Remaining part is in the scope of eM. In general car shall accelerate to its full speed and decelerate after constant run to stop at defined location. eM supplied PLC will generate the motor start and stop command and drive shall stop at designated location. There are two nos of ‘Control Push button stations for facilitating the ground personnel operator to operate the transfer car locally.

RFQ for Transfer Cart1.jpg   

Scope of Work:


1.     Supply of 5 nos (Phase -1) transfer car as per specification given in Annexure-1

2.     Supply of all erection material

3.     Supply of commissioning spares

4.     Supply of detail engineering document

5.     Supply of rail foundation detail and pit dimensional detail

6.     Erection supervision

7.     Interfacing with buyers PLC

8.     Installation of system including tuning of drive for smooth movement of Transfer car with and without load.

9.     Commissioning of transfer car and performance test as indicated in specification.

10.  Special Tools & Tackles : If any (to be provided by contractor)





Weight   carrying capacity


Car weight   (estimated)


Car motive   power arrangement

Geared motor.

Car platform sag

Without load With Load

Coil Dimension   (mm)

1000-1900   (OD), ID          ,   800-1500


V-Groove   (Sloped flange) deck, for supporting coil

Both end

Coil placement   on car

I   parallel to track length. Ensure   stable coil placement   even with high jerk start/stop

Coil temp.


Car travel distance

Max 130mts

Guaranteed travel time

60 sec. for 60mts   including acc. & dec.

Car speed

(avg.)   60mts/min (peak) 70mts/min

Car ace./deacc.

Better than 15cm/sec2

Car end Buffer (set)

Both end (spring   loaded)

Rail/wheel arrangement

Rail gauge   (center to center) and type

Wheel material

Cast steel

Wheel dia.   & type


Bearing type

Ball and   roller Antifriction isolated bearings, with shaft grounding rings -- FAG,   SKFmake

Motor   shafts/wheel axel should be connected to gear extension shafts through   flexible shock absorbing couplings. Any other special coupling which can give better and   more reliable service may be proposed


Pl. indicate

Ground   clearance required

Wheel center to ground

Car (driving shaft/gear   box) to ground


Track cleaning

In front of all wheels




Electrical & Control requirement

Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor (Inverter duty) Operating   temperature 55 deg C and in one case it will be high since same will be carrying coil with temperature of 400deg C+ Total no of Transfer Car

No of motors

2 sets.

No. of Phases


Frame Designation


Noise Standard


Protection IS:4691

IP 55

Vibration Standard


Rated Output torque

Full load torque of motors to be 1.25% higher than the Maximum demanded load torque at creep speed of 3%

Pull out torque

Not less than 2.25 (Two point two five) times the full load torque of motors


S1/S4 (intermittent operation)

Motor Weight (approx)

----- kg

No. of Poles


Rated Voltage

415 V

Rated Frequency

50 Hz

Efficiency Full load


Power factor Full load


Power factor 1/2 load


Max. Temp. Rise


Acceleration Time

4 sec. from 0 to full speed

Insulation Class


Cooling IS:6362


Efficiency 1/2 load


Voltage Variation ±


Frequency Variation ±


Combined (Volt. &   Freq.) Variation ±


Lifting Eyebolt   IS:4190





Drive : Capable of speed and full torque control.

The speed during final positioning (within 300 mm) shall   not exceed 3% of the motor speed.

Distance between drive panel & DSL one end

~67mts (inclusive of DSL length) Pl. ref layout drawing.

Ambient Temperature

Continuous 50 deg max 55deg

Motor breaking

(i) Main braking by means of frequency speed control   of motor down to 0 (regenerative braking). (ii) Automatic DC electro-magnetic brake for each motor drive. (iii) Double (2) brake   discs.

It is proposed (supplier can propose alternative also), that the electromagnetic brakes   shall be of DC type. The brakes shall automatically apply all the brakes immediately in the event of the emergency stoppage, interruption or failure of electrical power supply, irrespective of position.

The brakes shall be designed to exert a torque equal   to 1.5 times the full load torque of motors.

Motor/Drive control requirement

Drive shall capable for automatic control of long travel motion of based on field mounted proximity sensor and/or continuous position feed back from laser sensor.

The drive also able to be operated from local station (2 notch forward and reverse motion and emergency stop with a facility of local & auto-mode selection)

The proposed scheme of LT motion control with scope division is shown in diagram

Further detain will be done during engineering discussion.

Safety requirement

Motor stop through emergency stop or activation of safety barrier.

Laser based


Lifting hole/hook and hoisting hole/hook for loading and unloading.

Please define following with your offer

 i.           Basic drawing of transfer car indicating clearly the basic dimension with all side clearance required.

ii.          Wheel (individual) load without impact

iii.        Wheel (individual) load with impact Consider the coil is released at a height of 50mm

iv.          Car wheel dia.

v.         Type of wheel/structure suspension

vi.        Total wheel torque requirement

vii.       Wheel load (with full load)

viii.        Pit size required pl. provide basic detail with all side clearance

ix.        Basic Foundation detail

x.         Make of motors/drive etc. : Proffered makes are Siemens, ABB, Schneider

xi.          Make of Bearing/gear Box any other major part

drawing for Transfer Cart.pdf