Inquiry about Articulating Boom Lifts from Australia

Keyword:Articulating Boom Lifts   Time:2021-5-14 18:15:28

Message SubjectInquiry about Articulating Boom Lifts
Message ContentCould you please tell me the price of this Boom Lift?
Inquired Product

Articulating Boom Lifts
Articulating Boom Lifts

Purchase Quantity1 Pieces
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RAMHOIST: Dear Corey Beecroft

Thanks for the inquiry of Articulating Boom Lifts, May I know the lifting height?

Customer: We only need a unit to go 10m.

RAMHOIST: 31000 US $ (FOB china), below are pictures.

boom lift 2.jpg

boom lift 1.jpg

Customer: We will not be moving forward with the purchase 
of the boom lift at this time. Thank you for your time.

RAMHOIST: thanks for telling, may i know what's the reason?

Customer: The price is too expensive, on the websites &
the price for one boom lift is $10,00USD but when we ask for a price it comes
back at $30 to $40,000 USD. We do not have room in our budget for that.

RAMHOIST: they are different item, the item I supplied you is very competitive in Chinese market
would you send the picture of that low price item, we can beat others with lower price, thanks

I assume you mean below, we only require 9200 US $ (FOB china) for this type, diesel powered.

boom lift (cheap series).jpg

Or if you mean below 2 wheel boom lift?

2 wheel boom lift.jpg

Customer: We will not be purchasing a boom lift this
Year, we will be renting. Thank you for your