Vacuum tube lifts for carton boxes of 100 kg and metal surface 50 kg from Russia

Keyword:Vacuum tube lifts for carton boxes of 100 kg and metal surface 50 kg   Time:2021-5-15 22:11:25

Message SubjectInquiry about Vacuum Tube Lifters
Message ContentOur factory is located in Russia, Region Moscow. Our factory produces metal furniture. We need vacuum tube lifts.
Sizes of products:
1. 600х600х800 mm Weight 50kg
2. 700х700х1000 mm Weight 100kg
Please indicate the price and delivery time.
Please send detailed technical specifications of the vacuum lifter and a list of parts in its composition.
Inquired Product

Vacuum Tube Lifters
Vacuum Tube Lifters

RAMHOIST: Thanks for the inquiry of Vacuum Tube Lifters, may I know below:

what's the material of box and what's the lifting height you need? how far you want to move the box, what's your factory height?

Customer: Dear sir.

Two types of lifts are needed:

1. for carton boxes of 100 kg

2. metal surface 50 kg

The distance of movement of the boxes is not more than 3m

Lifting height up to 1.5 m

Factory height 6m


1. for carton boxes of 100 kg  5600 US $/unit

2. metal surface 50 kg       5100 US $/unit   

The price is based on FOB china, Without jib crane

Customer: I got your letter.

I think this is a very expensive price.

Please write a complete set of vacuum lift.

RAMHOIST: May i know what's your target price for ordering?

Customer: I do not know the specification of the vacuum lifter!

Please send a detailed description and photo of this product.

But I think that a good price is 2100 US dollars, without a crane!

RAMHOIST: Below are technical specification and Main component, I think different configuration leads price difference.

Main componentof Vacuum Tube Lifter (For 50kg box).pdf

Main componentof Vacuum Tube Lifter (For 100kg box).pdf

could we work together? thanks

Customer: This is a very expensive price.

The price of the lift TAWI AB in Moscow, Russia is $ 8000 DDP Moscow with crane.

RAMHOIST: Jib crane: 2300 USD

We are competitive than lift TAWI, for some configuration, TAWI is more than 10000 USD here.

you will be satisfied if u choose our products, thanks

Customer: Thanks for the offer, we will think