Quotation for 100 5Ton hydraulic bottle jacks red in color from Kenya

Keyword:5Ton hydraulic bottle jacks red in color   Time:2021-5-16 11:15:51

Message SubjectInquiry about Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
Message ContentKindly send me a quotation for 100 5Ton hydraulic bottle jacks red in color
Inquired Product

Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Purchase Quantity100 Pieces

RAMHOIST: Dear Julius Mworia

5Ton hydraulic bottle jacks red in color

8.5 US $/pcs * 100pcs = 850 US $ (FOB china)

RAMHOIST: We can give you 7 US $/unit if you wire 100% advance payment or increase the quantity, thanks

Customer: I would have liked to work with you on 5T hydraulic Bottle jacks,but your price is too high.

RAMHOIST: what's your target price? 7 USD is really low based on the quality

Customer: I have no problem wiring 100%payment.
But my target price was usd 5 and guaranteed quality.

RAMHOIST: We can give you the best price 6.5 USD and guaranteed quality.

No less any more, otherwise the quality will be affected, thanks

Customer: Am not familiar with the location of your Factory

Are you able to deliver the goods to Foshan city on the address attached?

RAMHOIST: Yes, we can, but it need extra transport cost 30USD, why not delivery to the port, do they come along with other goods?

We will delivery to your Foshan city destination, I think it come along with other goods for shipping, pls confirm then I will make PI, thanks

Customer: Let me organize my finances.