4 Unit Of Railway Track Handling Transfer Electric Flatbed Cart type KPX-20 from Iraq

Keyword:Railway Track Handling Transfer Electric Flatbed Cart   Time:2021-5-18 9:08:04

Dear Sir,

 Kindly  send us the price for 4 units of  Railroad track handling electric flatbed transport with capacity of 20 ton for each one type KPX-20 .
we are looking for truck with the Lowest height , each two truck is moving in two rail with  length of 50 meter for each .
we preferring the electrical model and the battery model shall be optional  .

RAMHOIST: To make the best product design for you, please help to confirm the specifications below:

1. where will you use this cart?

2.what material to transport?

3.the platform size: __mm*__mm*__mm?

Customer: Thank you for your response .
It will be use the outside to transport the steel gate with length 20 meter and weight 30 tone .
Each 2 cart will transport the one gate 
The platform width must be no more than 1.8 meter 
The height of platform ( cart with wheel and rail ) from the ground level  must be no more than 0.70 meter .

RAMHOIST: PLS check the drawing we design for you.

20T transfer cart-by RAMHOIST.jpg

besides, Do you have the existing rails? If not, we can supply rails together with the 4 transfer carts

Customer: We don’t have the rails

Should be supply with carts 

RAMHOIST: pls check the drawing whether it is suited in your site

Customer: Please find the remarks in red color .


RAMHOIST: i am puzzled by the "?" marked in red:

Does the red marking means the distance from ground to wheel?or distance of the loweset point of rail installation from ground?

In general, the two “?” in your red mark, the first “?” have 2 size:

1, The distance from the bottom of wheel to transfer cart is 50mm, 2, the height of rail (38kg/m) is 134mm, the lowest point of rail is normally on the ground.

The second “?” is the connecting beam we design for connecting the two transfer cart, which can be disassemble.

Customer: distance of the loweset point of rail installation from ground 
RAMHOIST: it is the height of rail (38kg/m): 134mm

the height of rail + cart is no mor than 0.7m, do not worry.
you can send the photos of the site that we will design rail installation drawing.

Customer: Ok please inform me the height from the ground level ( from the loweset point of rail ) up to the top point of cart .

Customer: Ok thanks it’s acceptable .

We must received the price proposal today because we are in critical time .

RAMHOIST: the height from the groundlevel( from the loweset point of rail) up to the top point of cart is 677mm        

revised drawing has sent to your email. 

Customer: It’s ok and accepted .please send us the price proposal today.
RAMHOIST:Transfer carts: 6300USD/unit * 4unit = 25200 (FOB china)
Rail (IP24):  30 USD/m * 200m=6000 USD  (FOB china)    (We find IP24 is ok, no need to use IP38)
could you send the application site photos that we can design the rail installation, thanks
Customer: Thank you for your email .
Kindly send us the specification of cart .
RAMHOIST: pls check the specification of cart in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1673.html