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Keyword:Chargeable Lifter   Time:2021-5-18 13:56:30

Dear Mr. Yang,


Please advise us price for chargeable lifter on FOB basis. Payment term is LC or BC at sight.

And also please send us all technical details alongwith quotation. Kindly find attached pic

for your ready reference. Awaiting your swift response.


RAMHOIST: May i know the capacity and lifting height? thanks

Customer: The height is 15 feet. Please advise.

Capacity should be 5 to 6 tons.

RAMHOIST: According to your picture, the max. is 2T

Customer:  We require capacity of 5 tons. Please advise us price of 2 tons load capacity and 5 tons both.

Awaiting your swift response.


2 ton Electric reach truck (seat type) TS20-50:

TS20-50:load capacity is 2 ton, lift height is 5000mm, 48V/400AH,USA CURTIS electric controller , fork length 1070mm, PU wheel , including charger.  14400 USD/unit  (FOB china)

5 ton Diesel Forklift Truck FD50: 
FD50: load capacity is 5 ton, lifting height 3m with 2 stage mast, Chinese XiChai engine, fork length 1220 mm, manual transmission, Germany suspension seat with safety belt, air tyre, toyota forklift technology.  
 13900 USD  (FOB china)

Customer:  Please send us all technical details alongwith pics immediately.

RAMHOIST: pls check below:

FD50 - 副本.png

Customer: Please advise your QQ id enable us to communicate further.

RAMHOIST: 38195142

Customer: Please advise :

1.       Your quoted rate is high. Please advise your rock bottom quote

2.       Have you ever exported to Pakistan, if yes, please advise customer name.

3.       Please confirm warranty of your chargeable lifter.

4.       Please confirm the warranty of the parts of lifter.

RAMHOIST: Sorry for my delay:
1. Your quoted rate is high. Please advise your rock bottom quote---Sorry, have quoted you the best price. 

2. Have you ever exported to Pakistan, if yes, please advise customer name.---Yes, Vision Technologies Corporation Pvt Ltd

3. Please confirm warranty of your chargeable lifter.---2 years 

4. Please confirm the warranty of the parts of lifter.---2 years

Customer: With reference to our conversation on QQ, please find attached details for model FB30

for your ready reference. Kindly check and advise FOB price alongwith technical details.

Awaiting your swift response.





RAMHOIST: For electric forklift:

loading capacity 3 ton, with 2-Stage Mast, lift height 3mUSA CURTIS Electric controller, lead acid battery 48V, fork length 1070mm, AC power with charger, overall Dimension: 2500*1200*1995 mm, toyota seat with Pneumatic Tire, 13500 USD/unit (FOB china, two types are both this price)

Customer: Please send us technical details immediately.

technical details.jpg

Customer: Please advise :

1.       Working hours on full capacity.

2.       Any machine available having height more than 10 feet.


1.       Working hours on full capacity.                        

     7 hours

2.       Any machine available having height more than 10 feet.

              yesterday's offer is 3m, what's the actual height you need?

Customer: We require 4m height.

RAMHOIST: plus 640usd

Our CEO is coming to China and willing to visit you. How far your factory is from

Shanghai. Please advise.

Will you come to Shanghai to meet our CEO Mr. Irfan Munir. Please confirm.


Customer: Could you come to Shanghai at December 26, 2019. Please confirm.

RAMHOIST: yes, i can, pls share you detailed location and detailed time, 

Customer: Please visit our CEO in the evening at Hotel Charms dated December 26, 2019.

Kindly confirm.

RAMHOIST: pls inform the full name of the hotel (both chinese and english), hotel tel. no and your CEO tel. no (if possible ask the CEO to add my wechat: +8617302568001  thus easier for communiciate)

Customer: Please find attached card of Hotel Charms for your ready reference. Kindly make a call to

Mr. Irfan dated December 25, 2019 to reconfirm meeting schedule. His china cell number

is as under :

Cell : +86 152 2105 ****

Please note Hotel address as under :


Yitel Hotel

220 Huqingping road

Hongqiao Railway Station


Hotel Charms is cancelled.

My colleague Ms. Farzana has added you on wechat. Please accept.

Please note his hotel details as under :

Charmes Hotel
619 JiuJiang Road, Shanghai
0086-21-5359 4900

Further, you can coordinate him via wechat or his China cell number.

RAMHOIST: i am puzzled by which hotel we will meet, last time you told me below: 

Please note Hotel address as under :


Yitel Hotel

220 Huqingping road

Hongqiao Railway Station


Hotel Charms is cancelled.

Customer: Dear Yang,

Mr. Irfan is in

Charmes Hotel
619 JiuJiang Road, Shanghai
0086-21-5359 4900

Customer: Please find attached pic for your ready reference. Kindly advise if it is available at your

end with same specifications. Awaiting your swift response.


RAMHOIST: we can make

Customer: Please advise price alongwith all technical details.

RAMHOIST: pls inform the capacity and lifting height then i can work accordingly, thanks

Customer: Capacity is 500 kg and lifting height is 12 feet. Please advise.

RAMHOIST: 2700 USD/unit (FOB china)