Inquiry about Vacuum Stone Lifters vsl30b from India

Keyword:Vacuum Stone Lifters vsl30b   Time:2021-5-18 16:43:29

Customer: Please quote for vsl30b. 


Customer: Please send me the catalogue and weight of this model.  Any working video is available to see.


Technical parameters of Vacuum Slab lifter PPT PT300 2 (VSL30B).jpg

TypeLoading   Capacity    (kg)Pad   Dimension(mm)Pad NumberRequiredTurning DegreeVacuum On/OffVacuum Flow(L/M)Turning Unit Cylinder Number
VSL30B300250*45025bar0-85°Manual200Pneumatic tilting, tilting speed controllable     by sense1

Working video of Vacuum Stone Lifters vsl30b:

Customer: This pic is showing only one pad.  

RAMHOIST: it is same as above video shows,  two pads.