Customized webbing sling from Australia

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Message SubjectInquire about Webbing Slings
Message ContentHi, can you tell me more about this product? Such as price, specifications, after-sale services and so on.

I’m looking for 2.5 meters long and rated at 1 ton in a bright color
Inquired Product

Webbing Slings
Webbing Slings

RAMHOIST: May i know the quantity pls, thanks

Customer: 100 to start with then there will be more if everything is ok and fit my needs 

do you have a price? 

RAMHOIST: 25mm width seat belt webbing: 0.13 US $/m (Ex-works)
Breaking strength is about 1.2T
below is the color for your choose:

25mm width seat belt webbing1.jpg

25mm width seat belt webbing2.jpg

25mm width seat belt webbing3.jpg

25mm width seat belt webbing5.jpg

Customer: Ok great thank you I will work out what to do. Can you custom make products? 

RAMHOIST: Sure but customized webbing we will ask MOQ 5000 meters
Do you have pictures for our reference?

Customer: Ok, thank you. 

i will get it to you tomorrow, are you still working ?
what will the price with works to make the 2.5 mtr sling with a loop each end 
RAMHOIST: I will be always online
Happy Chinese New year
Await for your reply then i will offer accordingly

Customer: In the first email the picture of the yellow sling, that thicker webbing is it possible to get them made from that? These will be used to drag things around in the dirt and the stuff you sent me won’t last. 

Maybe more like this picture something thicker and more heavy duty 

webbing sling.jpg

RAMHOIST: May i know the Safety factor is 1:6, 1:7 or 1:8 ?

Customer: We will only be using it to drag some large electrical cable around it won’t be used for lifting, just wanted it to break at 1ton but need something that will last as long as possible

RAMHOIST: 3.4 USD/piece (2.5m for every piece)

Customer: Do you have a picture of one? And what color can I get them in


webbing sling1.jpg

webbing sling3.jpg

Customer: That’s the one, thank you 

This is what I might need made,same thickness and material 

RAMHOIST: Below is our normal one, for small quantity, we can only make to this normal one, thanks:

Customer: Ok that’s is ok,that is the type of thing I’m looking for 
Can you also make the other thing I sent you? 

RAMHOIST: yes, we can make, but it is special one for us, we need big quantity to produce, for small quantity, we suggest you use our normal one, thanks

Customer: I will still need the normal sling but what I sent you in the picture is what I will be using them for, the item in the pictures I sent you wraps around big cable and then I will connect your sling to it so I can drag it behind a tractor 

RAMHOIST: OK, then it is no problem, await for your order for normal sling, thanks

Customer: What would be the best price for the sling if I ordered 1000 to start with? Also can I get them in yellow with the ends (where the video you sent me is grey) in purple? 

Will also need a time frame for the order and freight to *** Australia

RAMHOIST: 4.6 USD/KG * 55KG = 253 USD (by express)
delivery time: 15 days

Customer: You can do yellow and purple with a break strength of 1ton ? 

RAMHOIST: is purple ok for 100 pcs this time, for furthure bulk order, we can make yellow, thanks

Customer: No sorry it would need to be yellow and 1000 slings 

1ton breaking strength has no problem.
RAMHOIST: is orange ok for you (below), in the internatioal standard, purple for 1 ton and yellow for 3 ton

Customer: Ok then, we will be using them for dragging items and they will be left laying on the ground so that it why we will chase a bright color, orange might be ok 

RAMHOIST: ok, we will make orange for 1000 pcs, attached colour


Customer: We have found a manufacturing place that will make them for us at a very competitive rate 

RAMHOIST: May i know their rate? we still want to cooperate with you if you can give us this chance, thanks

Customer: I have been quoted $1.58 per sling and $1.47 per sling in one ton and a color of yellow in the thinker material like that yellow sling I first emailed you about 

RAMHOIST: we can produce with u target price with safe factor 1:5, which can also satisfied u request

Customer: Ok they will not be for lifting anyway they will only be for dragging cable and pipe around. Can you print on them? 

RAMHOIST: then there will be no problem, we can print on them, pls tell what conent you need to print.

Customer: Can I get (  ****.com ) on one side and ( not for lifting ) on the other side 

Same as the video 

RAMHOIST: there is no video attached, do you mean we print  (  ****.com ) on one side and ( not for lifting ) on the other side with the orange or normal colour viedo i sent you before?

would you print on 1000 pcs but not 100 pcs?  thanks

Customer: The video you sent me a few weeks back when you sent the picture. 
My client would like a trail of the product to make sure it will fit there needs and if it does this will be a ongoing order from them. I will need all orders printed with these details. Also will it make it easy for you if I do get the purple and grey ? 

RAMHOIST: Yes, we can make. 
we can print on the grey 

Customer: Ok then, I think it will need to be on the main part of the sling.

Are you talking about on the ends? That grey part? 

RAMHOIST: it is back on the ends, pls check below:

Customer: I am still waiting on my clients final requests, will update you soon 

Can we start to organize the 100 sample with the printed information on them? In 2.5 meter long 

RAMHOIST: PI has sent to you


it will be like this,  main parts of the sling is purple, the ends is black.

Customer: Ok, thank you. that will be ok to print on the grey one side will be (****.com) and (not for lifting), on the other side, will not need a for the blue tag. is there a cheaper freight option? 

pls confirm the words " (****.com) and (not for lifting)" is in one side or two sides? as your you ealier told, it is in both sides.
we will delete this tag: 5.jpg
for express by air, the cost is almost same,  in future bulk order, we will transport by sea that will be much cheaper

besides, do you have agent or friends in china that they can pay RMB through china(mainland) to us? there will be bank charges for both of us if pay USD, thanks

Customer: yes please on both ends to make sure they do not get used for lifting. will these be a 1ton break strength

i dont know anyone there that can do that for me. yes next order will be alot more to help cut cost  


will print the words on the above red circled place.
1 ton break strength has no problem
then you can wire the payment to our USD account as shown in PI

Customer: Ok, thank you.