Inquiry for 10 ton Coil Upender from Malaysia

Keyword:10 ton Coil Upender   Time:2021-5-21 21:27:51

Customer: You sell coil flipping? 

Coil Upender, coil lifter.jpg

Coming with conveyor?
To flip slitted steel coil
Dimension steel coil to flip
OD 1900mm
Height 140mm to 300mm
Weight 2.5mt to 7mt

RAMHOIST: 11000 USD (platform size: 1900mm*1900mm, V-bed on one side and flat on other)

Technical parameter



Max load bearing


Power of motor


Turnover speed


Transmission mode

Mechanical drive

Reduction ratio


Table size


Mode of operation

Independent control/Wireless remote control


About 4.0T

Max turning angle



 380V 50HZ


Main electrical equipment









LC1D18 M7C

Circuit breaker



Thermal protector



Wireless remote control



Emergency stop switch



Start button



Indicator light



Travel switch



Terminal block









The maximum outer diameter of the your product is 1.9 meters, and the maximum weight is 7 tons. The width is about 140mm. Now I don’t know whether the vertical roll is turned into a horizontal roll or the horizontal roll is turned into a vertical roll. Maybe the platform needs to be equipped with a stop lever. Products that are too narrow will fall on the V side

[客户产品最大外径1.9米,重量最大7吨宽度140左右(高度即是我们所说的产品宽度),现在不知道是立卷翻转成卧卷还卧卷翻转成立卷,可能台面还需要加装挡杆, 太窄的产品放在V面会倒的]

Customer: Will be turning from vertical roll to horizontal roll 
So do not contain any conveyor?

RAMHOIST: So unneccessary to be equipped with a stop lever.

Does not contain any conveyor, There is no conveying method on the Coil Upender itself unless you requires it.

[客户是立卷(垂直翻转成水平)所以台面不需要增加挡杆了, 不包含任何输送带,本身翻转机上就是没有输送的方式的除非客户自己有要求]

Customer: I can request on it right for the conveyor

RAMHOIST: how the product gets onto the coil upender? Is it by a crane or a forklift? i am not too clear, Need it be sent out after flipping?

Customer: By crane
Ya send to another location
It is better if the upender is able to move from one location to another
Then there is not necessary to have a conveyor 

weld 4 wheels on the upender
then use a motor
it can move

Customer: Ok 

RAMHOIST: Video of Coil Upender move on the rail (with motor):
you can also select using 2 pcs universal wheels and 2 pcs fixed wheels to move

Customer: Without rail can turn left and right? 


Customer: Will discuss with my boss first,  will let you know later 

The upender with conveyor.jpg

Do you have this? The upender with conveyor

RAMHOIST: yes, we have: 17000 USD

with conveyor and move.jpg

Customer: This can be rotate more than 90 degree right?  The conveyor is motorized? 

RAMHOIST: This can be rotate in right direction more than 90 degree, Conveyor is motorized (independently driven by a motor)

Customer: Since can more than 90 degree,  can you propose another proposal regarding upender with conveyer but without motorized, mean the coil will move due to the gravity and roller 

RAMHOIST: It is possible to operate in this way but no customer operate like this, such operation is unsafe and the product will be damaged! It’s not that we can save a little money by saving a motor,  this operation is uncontrollable, and there is no guarantee at which angle gravity will cause the product to move (从来没有客户这么操作的虽然是可以实现的,但是这样操作一个是不安全一个是会损坏产品的!不是说咋们省了一个电机可以省点费用这样操作机器是不可控的,无法保证重力在哪个角度会让产品滑动)

Customer: Can you send me the specification of the upender? 
The power supply should be 415V 3phase
Power consumption,  size of the load table,  size of machine,  flipping speed,  control type

RAMHOIST: no problem for 415V 3phase(adding transformer)    
Power consumption: 4.6KW  
size of the load table: 1900mm*1900mm    
size of machine: 3100mm*1900mm*2589mm (L*W*H)    
flipping speed: 30 S
control type: Independent control + Wireless remote control (控制柜上配有无线遥控)

Customer: Flipping speed will be same for variance weight? 


Customer: What is the maximum load that the upender can flip? 

RAMHOIST: 9 ton (max. is 10 ton but we suggest 9 ton)

Customer: What does it mean by independent control? 

RAMHOIST: means all eclectic parts are in one control cabinet

Customer: Hi,  the motor of the roller conveyor can be in two direction right? 
There should be a gap between the conveyor for my C hook to lift the steel coil

RAMHOIST: Yes, clockwise rotation and anti-clockwise rotation, like this

the motor of the roller conveyor can be in two direction (clockwise rotation and anti-clockwise rotation).jpg

Customer: Nice
I mean the conveyor roller can rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise? 

RAMHOIST: It can be added if required, the normal function is only one clockwise rotation

Customer: Any additional cost on it? 
To make it rotate in both direction
The motor of the roller conveyor have to be in two direction

RAMHOIST: no additional cost

Customer: Do you supply conveyor? 

Need to know the length, width and height of the conveyor line, how much load it bears? whether the roller needs to be rubberized, what is the overall height of the conveyor line, whether it is powered or unpowered?


Customer: I will need it to transport the coil from the upender so the width those should be same as the conveyor in upender
The length of the conveyor is 6 meter and the gap between the roller conveyor should be less than 100mm 
Should be powered
The application will be same as the upender
Dimension steel coil to transport 
OD 1900mm
Height 140mm to 300mm
Weight 2.5mt to 7mt

RAMHOIST: 12000 usd

Customer: May i know what is the power supply? 
What is the power consumption for the conveyor? 
What is the speed for the conveyor? 
What is the control for the conveyor? 
The roller of the conveyor able to rotate in two direction? 

RAMHOIST: The power supply voltage is 380 volts, 3 phase (can be converted into 415 volts 3phase by adding a transformer)
Power consumption: 2.9KW
The maximum speed of the conveyor is 30 meters per minute (the speed can be adjusted by adding a frequency converter)
The conveyor is an independent control cabinet (the control electricity is in a cabinet)
The conveyor can rotate in both directions (clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation)


Customer: The warranty period for both conveyor and upender are 12months right?


Customer: Is there any changes on price? 

RAMHOIST: when will u need? material always increase in china

Customer: The project will be delay but my boss will review it, So i ask you whether the price still same as the one you quoted fot me last time

RAMHOIST: no, the price has increased 13% now, has sent the updated price to your email

Customer: Do you sell the thing that i circle?

A thing that separate two steel coil-1.jpg

It is a spacer between the steel coil, A thing that separate two steel coil, 

A thing that separate two steel coil-2.jpg

Something like this, The conveyor plate is the thing i want 

The one i pointed isn't a spacer.jpg

The one i pointed

RAMHOIST: yes we can produce this conveyor plate as photo showed

Customer: Can you provide me the specification on it? Technical proposal and quotation

The temperature will be up to 850 degree celcius, It is use for annealing purpose

This plate is to put into annealing furnace, Probably 3-4

the conveyor plate i will be putting in annealing furnace not the upender and conveyor, The specification for the upender and conveyor remain unchange 

Will need to figure out on how to lift it 

How big is the size of the conveyor plate?  What is the material of it?  How high can the temperature withstand?  How much load can it withstand?  

RAMHOIST: conveyor plate is carbon steel, more than 1 ton for one piece

the plate is 4700usd

The conveyor plate is made of Q345, which is specially used for 830-850 quenching furnace. The conveyor plate can withstand 30 tons at room temperature and 15 tons in the annealing furnace (it will be deformed when heated). It is conservatively estimated that it can withstand 15 tons in the furnace.

diameter 2000mm and thickness 150mm

pls check whether this size can be put into furance ?

Customer: Hi morning i had check on the size of furnace, The loading size is diameter 1800mm, Which is smaller than 2000mm

RAMHOIST: you'd better give us the size of plate u need then we make according to u size

Customer: The furnace diameter is 1800mm

RAMHOIST: so we need to less than 1800mm

Customer: Ya can you make it less than that?

RAMHOIST: yes, we make according to u size

Customer: Let me double confirm the size with my boss

The Q345 material can ve lifted up by magnet right? And what is the mass of one piece conveyor plate? Do you have any drawing or technical proposal for the conveyor plate? 

RAMHOIST: q345 belong to alloy steel and can be lifted up by magnet, mass of one piece conveyor plate is about 1ton, up to u final size, it is round, like first I sent, it has diameter and thickness 

what other parameter u still need?

Customer: Can i have photo on it? 1700mm diameter as request by my boss


Customer: For the upender, it is possible to make it movable like coil car? To have the railway 

For upender i just need to add on the rail so that the upender can move, can you make it? Like this

add on the rail so that the upender can move.jpg

The upender will travel from one block to another in straight line, If 2pcs the upender can move also right in straight line? 

RAMHOIST: it is like a train, need two rails then can move

Customer: Without trolley how they upender move, there is on wheel in the upender? 

RAMHOIST: just upender + rail is ok, no need trolley

yes wheel in the upender then on the rail to move

Customer: For the upender, the plan change again, We would like to remove the conveyor on the upender(below), Not the conveyor

remove the conveyor on the upender.jpg

The one i circle

RAMHOIST: minus 1250 USD  (卷的输送辊道, 没有滚筒输送了)

Customer: The track we need to install ourselve or install by your engineer? 

RAMHOIST: it is installed by u side, very easy to install

Customer: For the track,  last time you quoted 18meter,  can you kindly requote for 23 meter? 

How your track for the upender look like? Any photo? 


track for the upender-2.jpg

track for the upender-1.jpg

Customer: The track you quote for me is like this ?

23m track for coil upender.jpg

RAMHOIST: 11.5m for each side

Customer: Ohh i need it to be 23 meter each side, Sorry for the misunderstanding, U can quote again

For the convector plate, you have other cheaper way to make it as the cost is too high

RAMHOIST: has sent updated price to u email, conveyor plate we give u 4000usd

Customer: Noted with thanks, Only Q345 can be used to made the convector plate?  Any other cheaper material? 

RAMHOIST: Q345 is the cheapest option now

Customer: For the upender, is it coming with cable winder as it will be moving? 

RAMHOIST: we will use Drag chain cable (trailing cable) instead of cable winder since it is cheaper and safer, need additional 1600 USD with package as below:

拖链(线)就是代替卷筒的就是翻转机移动线跟着走,电缆卷筒就是自动收线的装置成本上要高了, 卷筒的要贵点并且线放出来了还有安全隐患,破皮或者被压都会存在漏电隐患,拖链还可以防护一下,拖链是塑料结构, 拖链价格低点而且可以实现同样的功能

Drag chain cable-1.jpg

Drag chain cable-2.jpg

Drag chain cable-3.jpgDrag chain cable-4.jpg