Inquiry about electric stacker from Italy

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Nicolò Leonardo


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Send: 2016-09-02 13:46:44

DATE : 2 Sept / 2016

Dear Sir , 

This is Nicolò Leonardo from Italian Trading Company LTD., We saw your information on social websites
We are a professional Italian Trading Company LTD.(iTcl).

Based on your advanced advert production line technology in your website, we need your product (3,000ds of,electric stacker),but we ordering for 20ds  first).

Can you make available prices to us today 2nd, we are placing an order being tomorrow 7th to compare  with others we have here on our files.

We thank you for your more introduction to us ,We will contact you once we have firm price from our requirements.

Glad to establish a good business communication with you
Best Regards Thanks,,,

Nicolò Leonardo  
Italian Trading Company LTD., (ITCL)  
Address: Corso Italia n° 210 Sorrento
Napoli - Campania Italy 89067   
Telephone:     +39.061.687.03.63
Fax:    +
Legal site: Via Plinio il Vecchio,
49 PO.Box: 3302 86043 Castellammare di Stabia (NA) -Italy

RAMHOIST: pls inform your detailed request for electric stacker

technical details of our electric stacker:

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