Looking for a pulley block CONSTRUCTION BLOCK, 4 SHEAVE, WLL 40 T ON EYE from India

Keyword:pulley block   Time:2021-8-11 22:51:23

Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sub:- Our Requirement of Pulley Block as per following specifications:-


We are looking for a pulley block with following details:-


Construction block, 4 sheave, 560/500 wire 26 mm

WLL 40 ton on eye

Sheaves on roller bearing

With fixed eye for shackle WLL 42, 5t

With becket for shackle WLL 6, 5t

Finish – Blue painted (RAL5013) acc. ISO 12944 C3

Quantity – 2 pieces


Kindly send your best offer urgently.

RAMHOIST: would you pls check below size is you need, if not, we can design according to your usage:

4 sheaves pulley block-1.jpg

4 sheaves pulley block-3.jpg

4 sheaves pulley block-2.jpg

4 sheaves pulley block-5.jpg