Equipment Lift with roughly a 14x20 platform for USA

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I’m wondering if your company may be able to help me with a project we have in Colorado.


We’re designing an 28’ wide by 39’ long garage that will store agricultural equipment.  There is a need for some of the equipment to be stored in the lower level when not in use.  The dimensions of the equipment are somewhat awkward as they have the arms that extend to the tractor.  Below are two examples:


  1. Small square baler measured 11’ wide by 18-8” long

  2. Haybine measures 12’ wide by 14’ long


Our local building code requires us to design to a 20 lb psf for a load and a live load of 40 lb psf. 


Can you build a custom lift to accommodate equipment of this size?  I’m imagining roughly a 14x20 platform.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Regarding travel, we’re only allowed a 5-6 tall crawlspace and I’m guessing the floor system will be about 1’ tall, so we’d need 6-6 of overall travel without accounting for the pit.


Thank you!

Concept Sketch.pdf

我们正在设计一个 28 英尺(8.5m)宽、39 英尺(11.9m)长的车库,用于存放农业设备。一些设备在不使用时需要存放在下层。设备的尺寸有些笨拙,因为它们有延伸到拖拉机的臂。下面是两个例子:

1. 小型方形打捆机,宽 11 英尺(3.54m),长 18-8 英寸(5.95m)

2. 割草机宽 12 英尺(3.66m),长 14 英尺(4.27m)

我们当地的建筑规范要求我们设计 20 lb psf (磅每平方英尺)=97.65 kgf/m²(千克力每平方米) = 957.61 Pa(帕斯卡)的负载和 40 lb psf =195.3 kgf/m²(千克力每平方米) = 1,915.21 Pa(帕斯卡)的活荷载。

你能建造一个定制的升降机来容纳这种尺寸的设备吗?我正在想象一个大约 14x20 (4.3m x 6.1m)的平台。

关于升高,我们只允许有 5-6 高的爬行空间,我猜地板系统大约有 1 英尺(0.3m)高,所以我们需要 6-6 (1.8m) 的总提升高度,在不考虑坑的情况下。


Optional 1, 40 lb psf (195.3 kgf/m²), we need 5.1T platform, lifting height 1.8m, self height 480mm, platform 14x20 (4.3m x 6.1m), 7.5kw pump, 13800 USD/unit    

Optional 2, 20 lb psf (97.65 kgf/m²), we need 2.6T platform, lifting height 1.8m, self height 480mm, platform 14x20 (4.3m x 6.1m), 7.5kw pump, 11100 USD/unit

May i know the max. load you need?

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