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1. Name of the Equipment.    Electric Scissor Lift (Work station).

2. Purpose.     Electric Scissor lifts (with two different platform height) will be used on BN floating Dock bed and in various bases/workshops for lifting man and material to support repair/maintenance work and lifting equipment/items.

3. Quantity.     05 (Five) in number complete sets (04 x 8 m maximum platform height and 01 x 13 m maximum platform height).

4. Manufacturer.     Name and full address is to be mentioned.

5. Year of Manufacturing.     2021 or later.

6. Country of origin.       USA, UK, EU Counties, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China, Australia and New Zealand.

7. Manufacturing Country.      USA, UK, EU Counties, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China, Australia and New Zealand.

8. Ambient Condition.


Air Temperature

5°C - 45°C.


Relative humidity

Up to 95% (non-condensing)



Close to the sea area.

9. Certificate/ Document of Authentication. The local supplier must provide following original certificate(s)/ document(s) with the offer/ quotation of the Electric Scissor Lifts as regard to the genuinity of source and item(s) in order to establish chain of links from the original source to supply items:

a. One certificate/ document by the manufacturer in favour of the supplier (in case of manufacturer as direct source).

b. Two certificates/ documents, one by the manufacturer to authorized agent and other by the authorized agent to supplier (in case of authorized agent as immediate source).

10. Scope of  Supply.     The scope of supply is to include the followings:

a. Main items {05 X Electric Scissor Lifts (04 x 8 m max platform height and 01 x 13 m max platform height) (work station)} complete with all items necessary for immediate operation without the requirement of any other items (attachments, accessories, consumables, etc) (as per paragraph 12, 13 and 14).

b. Optional items (as per paragraph 15).

c. Tools (as per paragraph 16).

d. Spare parts (as per paragraph 17).

e. Document (operating & maintenance manual, spare parts catalogue, circuit diagram, certificate, etc; as application) (as per paragraph 18 and 23).

f. Test/Trial and acceptance, Training (as per paragraph 19 and 20).

g. Warranty and guarantee (as per paragraph 21 & 22).

h. Any other issue relevant (if any).

11. Standard. Electric Scissor Lifts are to be designed and constructed fulfilling the requirement of international standards (class certificate, ISO etc). The standard to which quoted Electric Scissor Lifts comply with is to be specified in detail.

12. Technical Specification. 



Electric Scissor Lift (work station)



To be mentioned



To be mentioned


Platform height

04 X 8 m and 01 x 13 m


Drive able at full height up to

To be mentioned


Lift capacity

Not less than 300 Kg at extended platform height


Platform size minimum (LxB)

1.8 m x 1.2 m (with railing height of at least 600 mm)


Ground clearance.

To be mentioned


Non-marking tires

To be mentioned


Hydraulic system capacity

To be mentioned


Lift speed.

(1) Up

To be mentioned

(2) Down

To be mentioned


Overall Weight

To be mentioned


Drive Speed.

(1) Platform Elevated

To be mentioned

(2) Platform Lowered

To be mentioned


No of tiers and size

To be mentioned


Wheel Base

To be mentioned


Platform material

Anti skid checkered plate



AC (380-440 V, 3Φ)

13. Safety Device.  All required safety devices as per standard  classification society must be included in the Electric Scissor Lifts. Bidders are to provide  the list of safety devices incorporated in the quoted Scissor lifts, which should include but not limited to the followings:

a. With lifting platform overhead hydraulic safety protection system.

b. Anti-fall safety protection device.

c. Automatic breaking functions of driving motor.

d. Manual option for emergency descending.

14. Standard Accessories.  Standard accessories must include all items and accessories which are essential to the Electric Scissor Lifts, whether those are mentioned in this specification or not. The price of  standard accessories is to be included in FOB value. However, item wise price list of standard accessories is to be provided with the offer for reference value only.

15. Optional Items.   A list of optional items (if any) is to be provided with the quotation indicating item wise price for each Electric Scissor Lift. Technical details of these items should be given in the offer. Only the prices of selected items by BN will be added with total price while evaluating the comparative price of the suppliers.

16. Tools. One (01) set of standard tools for maintenance of each Electric Scissor Lift is to be provided. Quantity and size of these tools are to be mentioned in the quotation. That price will be added with total price while evaluating the comparative price of the suppliers.

17. Spare Parts. A list of recommended spare parts for each Electric Scissor Lift for 05 years running is to be provided as optional item with the quotation indicating item wise price. Only the prices of selected  items by BN will be added with total price while evaluating the comparative price of the suppliers.

18. Documents. 02 (two) sets of following documents in English language is to be supplied with each Electric Scissor Lift (free of cost):


Instruction manual including technical specification, installation, operation  and Maintenance manual.


Spare Parts catalogue.


Performance/ test certificate.

19. Test, Trial and Commissioning. Test, trial and commissioning will be carried out in buyer’s premises by the buyer in presence of supplier's representative and if found satisfactory a test/ trial certificate will be signed jointly by the representative supplier and the representative of buyer and to be forwarded to Chief Inspectorate of Naval Store (CINS) office.

20. Training. The manufacturer’s/ supplier’s representative will provide operation and maintenance training in Bangladesh to 05 x Operators for 03 working days after test, trial and acceptance of the said equipment. Bidder is to quote the cost of training separately in their financial offer. Cost of air ticket, internal transportation, accommodation, food, medical support etc are to be borne by the supplier.

21Warranty. Warranty for trouble free operation is to be given by the manufactures for a period at least 01 (One) years from the date of acceptance by the buyer. During the warranty period, if Electric Scissor Lifts remain non- operational for any action pending by the supplier, the warranty period will be extended for the same period. The warranty covers all parts and labour (including including OEM or authorized service engineer’s cost) throughout the warranty period.

22. GuaranteeThe manufacturer shall guarantee to supply necessary genuine spare parts and emergency repair service for at least 05 (Five) years with reasonable price.

23. Quality Assurance Certificate. Quality assurance certificate in respect of the associated equipment in regards to its manufacturing and performance is to be provided at the time of delivery of the items.

24. Shipment.

a. The supplier will arrange shipment of all items by sea to any sea port of Bangladesh.

b. All items are to be delivered in sea-worthy packing to ensure safe transportation by sea. All packages should have packing notes showing their contents in details and marked with the name and address of the consignee with gross weight.

c. All packages should have packing notes showing their contents in details and marked with the name and address of the consignee with gross weight.

d. The supplier will arrange transportation of all supplied items from Chittagong port to the NSD Chittagong.

e. Port of  Shipment.    To be mentioned.

25. Delivery.   The items are to be delivered within 09 (Nine) months of signing the contract to the following address:

                   The Commanding Officer

                   Naval Stores Depot Chattogram

                   New Mooring, Chattogram, Bangladesh

26. Currency.    Foreign Currency.

C-Technical Specification-Electric Scissor Lift (Work station)..pdf