Manual User of Roll Stacker

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Manual User of Roll Stacker

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Note: The Owner/Operator must read carefully and understand all the information presented here before operation.

1. Description

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2. Technical Parameters

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3. Size and Drawing

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4. Instructions for use

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1)   Before using please check whether the battery is sufficient, do not allow the use of machine in the charging state.

2)   Press the red emergency stop button (if necessary), and lift the emergency stop button can be used normally. please don’t flip the clamp left in the low position to prevent rollover.

A. Turn on the key switch and lift the coil film, only need move stacker to the place in front of the coil film horizontally, operate the ascending lever, then operate the left-turning lever and make it turn 90, then push the descending lever, press and release the lever tightly, and make the clamp open to the appropriate size and fit in place.

B. Operate the clamping lever to hold and clamp the film rolling material, but do not flatten the film rolling material. Finally, check whether the film rolling is tightened  .

C. Operate the lifting lever to lift the rolling film to a certain height.

D. Operate the left turning lever to prevent the rolling film from touching the ground.

After turning the roll film 90", loosen the operation lever, and release the grip when the roll film is completely stable and vertical to the ground!

3)   The machine should be free from rain and snow infestation of the place to work and stack, not in the wet environment, prohibited in the slope operation and parking.

4)   When battery charging, pay attention to the input voltage 180vac-250vac, don’t use out of use range.

A. The positive and negative poles of the output of the charger shall not be connected wrong, otherwise the charger will be damaged.

B. Prevent water from charger.

5.  Maintenance

1.) The hydraulic oil shall be replaced 6 months after using the products. After that, it shall be changed according to the usage frequency and the level of hydraulic oil pollution. When replacing the hydraulic oil, thoroughly clean the inner wall of the oil tank, do not allow metal particles, cotton yarn, fiber and other foreign matter into the oil tank

2.) The user must strictly prevent the pollution of hydraulic oil, oil shall not have water, acid, alkali and other impurities, oil tank shall not be coated with rust oil.

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3.) If the oil cylinder fall automatically, please check whether the one-way valve seal is reliable, the emergency oil discharge valve is loose, or check whether the soft fiber in the oil causes the one-way valve to fail.

4.) Non-professional technicians should not disassemble parts of oil pressure system.

5.) Add lubricating oil to the turning-out shaft of the clamp during use. 

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