Catalog details with prices for Electric Pallet Trucks requested by UK

Keyword:Electric Pallet Trucks   Time:2021-10-28 10:56:21

咨询产品:  Electric Pallet Trucks
客户姓名:  Ma***
手机号码:  074132*****
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客户留言:  Please send catalog details with prices

RAMHOIST: May i know what's the capacity and quantity you need then we will forward price accordingly, thanks

Technical brochure:

1.5 ton Rider type Electric Pallet Truck: 2900 USD

2.5 ton Rider type Electric Pallet Truck: 3100 USD

If you need Pedestrian type (Pedestrian propelled) Electric Pallet Truck, pls keep me informed, price is cheaper

Pedestrian type Electric Pallet Truck VS Rider type Electric Pallet Truck: