Inquiry about Fine Appearance Performance Pedestrian Controlled Electric Pallet Truck from Israel

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Inquiry about Fine Appearance Performance Pedestrian Controlled Electric Pallet Truck
Fine Appearance Performance Pedestrian Controlled Electric Pallet Truck

I am interested in 2 pallet trucks.
1unit of 1.5 ton
                    1 unit of 2.5 ton


1unit of 1.5 ton Rider type Electric Pallet Truck: 2900 USD

1 unit of 2.5 ton Rider type Electric Pallet Truck: 3100 USD

If you need Pedestrian type(Pedestrian propelled) Electric Pallet Truck, pls keep me informed, price is cheaper

Pedestrian type Electric Pallet Truck VS Rider type Electric Pallet Truck:

RAMHOIST: May i know is the offer ok for you? thanks

Customer: Hi. Good morning.
Your offer is high compared to others so I will not buy from you.
be well.

RAMHOIST: May i know what's your target price? thanks

Customer: 1.5t at $750 fully electric.
reserve battery 75AH for the 1.5t $150
2.5t at $2350 fully electric.

RAMHOIST: the best we can do is as follows:

1.5t at $800 fully electric.
2.5t at $2500 fully electric.

1.5T (Pedestrian type Electric Pallet Truck).jpg

1.5T (Pedestrian type Electric Pallet Truck)

2.5T(Rider type Electric Pallet Truck).jpg

2.5T(Rider type Electric Pallet Truck)

Customer: ok. Send me the full specs of the trucks and add price for battery for the 1.5t truck

RAMHOIST: we do not suggest you use reserve battery since your can use original one for long time, it is easy to broken if you not use it for long time, if you not use for 24 hours a day, one battery is ok

1.5T (Pedestrian type Electric Pallet Truck)

CharacteristicDrive method
Driving style
Pedestrian propelled
Load capacitykg1500
Lift heighth3(mm)200
Load centerc (mm)600
Front overhangx (mm)944
Wheelbasey (mm)1243
WeightNet weight(Battery   included)kg142
Wheels,   chassisWheel material
PU (polyurethane)
Driving wheel sizeφxw(mm)φ210*70
Bearing wheel sizeφxw(mm)φ80*60
Number of wheels, front wheel/rear wheel   (x=driving wheel)
SizeLifting heighth3(mm)200
Operating position Min/max height of leverh14(mm)740/1160
Min. fork heighth13(mm)85
Overall lengthl1(mm)1603
Body lengthl2(mm)453
Overall widthb2/b2(mm)550/685
Fork dimensions*e*l(mm)50*150*1150
Outside width of forksb5(mm)550/685
Ground clearancem2(mm)35
Channel width:1000*1200 palletAst(mm)1804
Channel width:800*1200 palletAst(mm)1854
Steering radiusWa(mm)1398
PerformanceTravel   speed(laden/unladen)(km/h)4.2/4.5
Gradeability loaded(%)5/10
Brake type
MotorPower of driving   motor(Kw)0.75
Power of lift motor(Kw)0.8
Battery voltage / Rated capacity(V/Ah)24/20 24/3024/4024/60
Weight of battery(kg)67.810.213.2
OtherCharger specification
Drive control type
DC speed control
Noise levelDb (A)<70
Steering type
Mechnical steering

2.5T(Rider type Electric Pallet Truck)

WeightNet weight420KG

Load capacity2500KG

LengthOverall length1880 (mm)

Fork length1200(mm)

WidthOverall width820 (mm)

Fork   width


Overall height1375(mm)

HeightMax. fork height205(mm)

Min. fork height85(mm)

PerformanceHeight of fork handle from the ground1375/935(mm)Channel width:1000*1200 pallet2400(mm)
Minimum ground clearance30(mm)Steering radius2200(mm)
Load center distance600 (mm)Speed modeMOS stepless   speed regulation system
MaterialWheelPUMaterialSection steel
Diameter of wheelΦ250mmDriving styleStanding-on