Inquiry about Electric Pallet Stackers 1500kg capacity 3.5 Mtr height AC drive Motor rather than DC drive from India

Keyword:Electric Pallet Stackers 1500kg   Time:2021-11-30 22:51:32

Customer: 1500kg capacity

3.5 Mtr height

AC drive Motor

Inbuilt Charger 

Fork Width 550mm

Fork Down 80-86mm

Fork Length 1150mm

Qty Required : 3 Numbers

RAMHOIST: electric floor crane or electric pallet stacker?

Customer: Stacker

RAMHOIST: 3200 USD/unit *3 units = 9600 USD

It is AC drive Motor but not DC drive Motor, below is DC drive motor:


EPS01231 (Electric pallet stack, 1.2T, 3.1m lifting height) DC drive Motor-1.jpg

Customer: Plz quote final rate, Price, For 3 pcs, Without battery

RAMHOIST: 3200 USD/unit is the price with battery,  

3050 USD/unit *3 units = 9150 USD (Without battery)

Customer: Can u send all details of stacker

RAMHOIST: Technical parameters of Electric Pallet Stackers with AC drive Motor

Drive method
Driving   style
Rider type
Load   capacitykg1000/1500/2000
Load   centermm500
WeightNet weight(Battery     included)kg750
WheelsWheel material
PU (polyurethane)
Front   wheel sizemm70/80
Rear   wheel sizemm100/50
Wheelbase   of Front wheelmm500
Wheelbase   of Rear wheelmm720
SizeLifting heightmm1600/2000/2500/3000
Overall lengthmm1950/2350
Overall widthmm860
Overall heightmm2080/1580/1830/2080
Total height when the mast is raised to the   highest pointmm2080/2080/2580/3080
Fork   dimensionmm50*170*1100
Outside   width of forksmm690
Inside   width of forksmm350
Ground   clearancemm30
Steering   radiusmm1800
PerformanceTravel speedmm/s4.2/4.5
Lifting     speed(laden/unladen)mm/s50/100
Falling     speed(laden/unladen)mm/s100/120
Brake   type
MotorPower of driving     motorKw1.5
Power   of lifting motorKw2.2
Battery   voltage / Rated capacityV/H24/210