Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker height 3.0m for Australia

Keyword:Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker height 3.0m for Australia   Time:2021-12-1 10:01:29

咨询产品:  Technical details of Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker
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客户留言:  Just need a price delivered Door to Door to ***** Victoria 3840 or if you have supplies in Australia details please list height 3.0m flush this one will be used as sample if OK will order more

RAMHOIST: We do not have supplier in Australia.

Could we delivery to your seaport, if so, may i know which seaport is convenient for you to pick up? thanks

Customer: Yang  Our Nearest Port is Melbourne Australia, can you give me a price to Melbourne Australia. It gets so complicated organizing agents and delivery services to locations 250 Km inside Australia and It's becoming more popular to be able to buy in China and have Shipping Door to Door. The shipping company we are using for Door to Door from China to Morwell Victoria Australia is ", I am not sure what size and weight they will handle, but with all the stories circulating about orders going totally missing and damages from multiple carriers, and the increased Shipping prices the main Shipping companies are charging Australian delivered goods while they try to teach us a lesson for being independent which we always are and similar Goods are being ordered through the Middle East and European shipping companies at a sensible price, it just takes 7 to 10 days longer to get the goods but no massive price charges, so China is teaching us NOTHING


Optional 1: 

1050 USD (charging semi-electric pallet stacker with leg)

Package: 200 USD

Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee: 200 USD

sea freight to Melbourne, Australia: 100 USD

CFR Melbourne port, Australia: 1050 +200+200+ 100 = 1550 USD

Optional 2: 

1050 USD (charging semi-electric pallet stacker with leg)

Package: 200 USD

Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee: 200 USD

Door to Door to ***** Victoria 3840: 1390 USD  (this is the price by Morwell Victoria Australia is "

Sub total: 1050 +200+200+ 3840 = 5290 USD



左边红色 charging semi-electric pallet stacker

Customer: Thank You for your quotation with two options I am interested in your Option 1 but need details of the Stacker you are proposing, as I have only seen photo's of the stackers with no specification.

RAMHOIST: the left one in the below picture (red colour)

charging semi-electric pallet stacker.jpg

technical details:

RAMHOIST: pls check if no problem i will send you PI, thanks

Customer: Yes the Red one on the left

RAMHOIST: PI has been sent to your email.