Quotation for 70kg vacuum hoist for sugar bags CIF Kingston Jamaica

Keyword:70kg vacuum hoist for sugar bags   Time:2021-12-23 14:12:35

Customer: Hello, 

Kindly quote on a 70kg vacuum hoist for sugar bags CIF Kingston Jamaica.


70kg vacuum hoist for sugar bags: 4000 USD

Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+Insurance: 250 USD

Sea freight to Kingston Jamaica: 500 USD

So CIF Kingston Jamaica: 4000+250+500=4750 USD

above price does not include jib crane, if you need jib crane, pls let us know

Technical details: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1844.html

70kg vacuum hoist for sugar bags(tube lifter).gif

哪里有70kg的糖袋,全世界通行是50kg,这个设备最大可以抓90kg,但是抓糖袋就是50kg,主要是糖袋的材质透气量比较大, 就按照之前的方案发给他就行了

Customer: Hello Yang,

Thank you for your quick response. Kindly send me a picture of the 70kg vacuum hoist and could you also contact me by whatsapp # 876-89*****.

We are buying for resale and the customer wants to see a picture.

RAMHOIST: pls check working videos of vacuum hoist below:



Customer: Hello Yang,

The customer is very interested in purchasing your 70kg Vacuum hoist. However
they prefer the twist release handle and no JIB. Please send me the height and length of the working arm as illustrated.

Capture LIFTER 1.jpg

Capture LIFTER1.jpg

RAMHOIST: Maximum length could be 6M, considering 6M will be hard to load into container, we recommend you the arm length no more than 5M

Height will be better at 3800mm 

ok, we will make twist release handle for you

Customer: Hello Yang,

Thanks for the information. We have a problem. The room is only 6m long x 2.28 m wide x 2895 mm high.
Can you provide a 70kg vacuum hoist to operate in this space?

Due to the limited work space available, can you make the maximum height lower as illustrated in the attachment?

Capture LIFTER 2.jpg

RAMHOIST: What is the maximum lifting height you required?

Customer: 2,800 mm

RAMHOIST: I assume the actual lifting stroke (lifting height) is about 1200mm,I mean the lifting height from pallet to dropper(投料台)

you see below drawing and video with the total height of room 2.9m, which is also used for sugar bags, it is similar to your application

Vacuum hoist (Vacuum Tube Lifter) for sugar bags used in 2900m height room.png

Video of Vacuum hoist for sugar bags used in 2900m height room, with lifting height 1250mm: https://youtu.be/OzpMqS1QCkw

Customer: Hello Yang...this is the layout...it will be a close fit, what is the radius of the base of the hoist? the width of the room is 2286mm and the arm is 2000mm that leavs only 286mm

I was just told by the customer that maybe they can extend the 2286mm clearance.

I will visit the site on Monday and get more precise dimensions for u

layout of room for 70kg vacuum hoist.jpg

Customer: this will work, they have the space

Space for 70kg vacuum hoist for sugar bag.jpg

RAMHOIST: do u need us make jib crane for u too? the previous offer just included 70kg vacuum hoist but not jib crane

Customer: Gm...no JIB needed thanks, Jus send final PI for hoist CIF Kingston .

RAMHOIST: has sent PI to u email

Customer: Ok Yang ..thanks for your help. I will quote the customer now and hope for the order


Customer: Hello Yang, do you have the hoist in stock and do you know how long the shipment will take to Jamaica?

RAMHOIST: regret we do not have the hoist in stock, it will take about 45 days by sea + 20 days by produing = 65 days to Jamica.