Self-propelled Scissor Lift and Trailed scissor lift Hight 20 mtr, 1000 kg, single phase for Pakistan

Keyword:Scissor Lift   Time:2022-1-1 21:18:24

Customer: I need scissor lift

Can you share detail of hight

RAMHOIST: may I know u detailed request then I will work accordingly

Customer: Hight 20 mtr, 1000 kg

RAMHOIST: pls check there is single phase or three phase power in your site, then what is the power?

do you make PIT?

Table size(length*width or diameter for round table)?

Customer: Power single phase

Can you tell me ready stock size

Self-propelled Scissor Lift (hydraulic scissor man lift platform)-2.jpg

I need like this and 

Trailed scissor lift(hydraulic scissor man lift platform)-1.jpg

RAMHOIST: 20m is platform height or working height?

Customer: Working hight 20 meter

RAMHOIST: so platform 18m is ok

Customer: 18m what? W x L ?

RAMHOIST: 18m is the platform height, while lifting height is 20m, 20000 usd/unit


Is the offer ok for u?

Customer: Can you share pic

RAMHOIST: same as second picture u sent me